Mark Hunter promoted to Assistant General Manager


The Toronto Maple Leafs have shuffled up the nametags in the war room today, promoting Director of Player of Personnel Mark Hunter to Assistant General Manager.

via Toronto Maple Leafs PR:

“Mark’s new title is essentially a formality as these are duties he’s already been performing,” said Maple Leafs General Manager Lou Lamoriello. “Brendan and I have been discussing this change of title since last season – as it’s a more appropriate recognition of Mark’s role with the organization since joining the Maple Leafs. There are no changes to Mark or Kyle’s duties, or to that of Brandon Pridham, Assistant to the General Manager.”

This won’t be Hunter’s first time having the role; when Dave Nonis was relieved of his GM duties in 2015, he and Kyle Dubas split duties as the interim men-in-charge. Clearly, Hunter has put in the work with the team to deserve a share of the spotlight. He’s been instrumental in finding talent at both the pro and amateur levels and in assisting with the day-to-day operations.

As Lamoriello noted, Kyle Dubas’ duties of overseeing the Marlies, any already-acquired prospects, and the research and development team will remain the same, as will Brandon Pridham’s role as Lamoriello’s direct assistant and capologist. 

Presumably, this will also make room for a fancy-sounding title to be given to Tim Speltz, who was reported to be joining the Leafs as their ‘Director of Western-Area Scouting’ but hasn’t been officially introduced by the team yet.

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    • Gary Empey

      At the same time though, Dubas has to be thinking the team will be his in a couple years, so like you could go work for whichever team, or you could be at the helm of the Toronto Maple Leafs

      • Gary Empey

        Agreed… You could also add Dubas presently has an opportunity to learn from some of the very best management in the business. If the Leafs and the Marlies, do well this year you are going to see some NHL teams making big offers. He will have some tough decisions to weigh up.

    • Gary Empey

      There are no fraud charges….Everything you read on Twitter may not be true.

      Back in March, at the end of the OHL’s 2015-16 regular season, the Canadian Hockey League’s auction site offered up a number of authentic London game-worn jerseys for sale, including Marner’s black threads.

      Scott Galbraith, an avid collector of game-worn sweaters, was provided with exactly what he was promised in the original auction process. He shelled out $3,510, plus tax and delivery, for an authentic black, game-worn Marner jersey.

      Now he wants the sweater Marner wore when they went on to win the Memorial Cup which ended up in the Hockey Hall of Fame. The sweater he claims he won, didn’t exist when the auction started. The Knights hadn’t even won a playoff round.

      Out of goodwill the Knights offered to refund his money.

      Again out of goodwill the Knights offered to try to reclaim the jersey from the hall, but wanted the collector to sign a final release in a confidentiality agreement before handing it over.

      Galbraith refused to sign off. Looks like he is trying to blackmail the Knights to write him a big cheque.

      I think the guy is a dumb-ass. The value of that Memorial Cup game winning jersey of Marner’s that was briefly in the Hall of Fame would be worth a lot more than one of his regular season one’s.

      Maybe the police will charge Galbraith with extortion. His only defense is a doctor’s note confirming he is a moron.