WWYDW: Rewrite The Future


As you’ve probably noticed. We’re in the midst of our Top 20 prospect rankings right now. In fact, #13 was today; Katy wrote about Zach Hyman. That does mean, though, that there are a ton of players who have already been slotted, be it in the 13-20 range, as honourable mentions, or just went completely voteless.

Here’s the group so far:

So, today’s question: From the group you’ve seen so far, which one player do you feel we could have ranked higher? As well, is there a particular player who made it into the Top 20 who you think should’ve been on the outside looking in?

Once all is said and done, we’ll break down the hundreds of submissions to our reader poll. But in the meantime, we’re curious to hear how you think the process has gone to date. Let’s hear it!

  • CMpuck

    According to Friedman he has Keaton Middleton in the leafs top 5, whereas Simmons says Marner is much too small to be an impact player and needs to eat more hot dogs

  • CMpuck

    Viktor Loov should be in the top 20. he shouldnt be deducted marks just because there are guys ahead of him in his position. purely on NHL potential he should be ahead of 1 or 2 of the goalies and maybe even Brooks because hes more proven

  • CMpuck

    Hyman higher, I’d say 8th maybe. Gauthier Loov Bibeau and Woll should be in the top 20. I thought Gauthier and Loov looked good with the leafs and good with the marlies. Bibeau and Woll both have more upside than people think especially with the resources the leafs have access to. Woll is going to Boston College and Bibs is just gonna be chilling with the bros Garet and Kasimir but I think he’s gonna end up being better

    • Tommy Cat

      Personally, I think Hyman’s fine right where he is. People seemed to be really hyped about him because he’s one of the most NHL ready prospects we have, but seem to forget that his ceiling really is a third line forward.

  • Brent Wisken

    I was surprised that Rinat Valiev didn’t make the top 20 yet the two goaltenders did (Kaskisuo and Sparks). Valiev has looked pretty solid on both the Marlies and in junior, plus he played well during the limited time he had with the Leafs.

  • Tommy Cat

    Hyman has already had a decent stint with the Leafs. Shown he casn and will be a decent NHLer. No star but a good third liner. That probably needs a bit more consideration over just promise.

  • Tommy Cat

    William Nylander had a 0.32 points per game in his draft year. Grundstrom had a 0.33. I know points is far fromm everything, but he definitely should be higher than 13.

  • Tommy Cat

    Hardy made a valid point with Loov. Top prospects is pretty vague.

    Skill alone? Prospect of being a NHL player (regardless of where in a lineup)?

    For example take two players like Brennan and Polak and sub in prospect names. On paper Brennan has NHL potential but Polak was/is an NHL lock. So should Polak (or Polak prospect you use) not be ranked higher because his chances of being a contributor are much higher but ceiling his is lower than Brennan?

    If I had to pick names I guess someone like Gauthier/Korshkov vs Timashov/Korostelev. The former have NHL attributes that would get them to the show yet the latter offer much big rewards if they overcome obstacles.