Leafs will make their pitch to Vesey today

Surprising absolutely no one, the Leafs are set to meet with Jimmy Vesey today – the first official day of his free agency. They obviously won’t be the only team doing so, and a couple being mentioned today are ones we haven’t even heard rumoured to this point.

Vesey Watch is under way. 

For better or worse, all the talk about Vesey – a college free agent who probably won’t be a major impact player – has reached a pretty absurd level, but I suppose this is August and there isn’t much else to follow hockey-wise. It’s expected to go on basically all week, as his agent hinted a decision might not come until Friday or perhaps beyond. They’re going to be patient.

Either way, the free agency window has opened and we want to pass along news that the Leafs are now officially engaging in talks. Considering the list of teams interested seems to be changing constantly, it’s tough to get a read on what Toronto’s chances are right now, but that’ll likely shift daily as the list dwindles down through the week.

I probably don’t need to remind you that Vesey’s father (Jim) and brother (Nolan) are already with the Leafs’ organization, but I will anyway. They front office is also likely to lean on their new superstar-to-be to help sell their pitch as well, according to Dreger at TSN.

  • magesticRAGE

    I just want to win the sweepstake so Buffalo can be salty again about someone choosing Toronto over them. they also traded a 3rd round pick for him so it would be the icing on top of the cake 🙂 the left side is very weak for the leafs so getting him is just a bonus.

  • magesticRAGE

    According to Dreger my read on it is something like, if I was involved, I would be bringing Austin with me. That would seal the deal for the Leafs…mouthbreathe.

  • magesticRAGE

    I agree with the assessment that he likely won’t be much of an impact player.If he chooses Toronto, sure, why not. I don’t mind gambling on the SPC slot. But calling it a sweepstakes to bag a 2nd/3rd line player is ridiculous.

    I also agree that it’s always fun to stick it to Buffalo.

    • JB#1

      I’ll take a stab at this in a basic way.

      I believe you can go over the cap in the off-season by 10% so I think there is plenty of room now.

      The Leafs would probably need to make a move or two before the season starts so that with the use of the LTIR (Horton) they could get under the cap.

      Now if Vesey was given standard ELC with max bonuses, the Leafs could potentially find themselves over the cap at the end of the season.

      Any overage of the cap at the end of season, would be carried forward as a “penalty” against the cap the following season – sort of like retained money.

      If i have missed anything, I’m sure others will correct me. 🙂

        • Capt.Jay

          The Leafs won’t have any cap problem next year even if their kids max out their bonuses this year since next summer they drop a ton of vet contracts that will be replaced next year by ELC contracts. Greening, Laich, Michalek, Hunwick, Robidas for sure, not sure about Cowan, plus they could have a solution for Lupul by then.

          No worries whatsoever.

  • Tommy Cat

    I’m cautiously pessimistic..

    Can’t see it happening, but thought the same thing re: Babcock. Takes a bit to get used to.

    There’s definitely plenty of room on the left side, and with some intriguing future linemates.

    But – it’s gotta be BOS, CHI, NYR or BUFF… no?

  • Tommy Cat

    The leafs entourage undoutably included leaping Lou, Babcock and hopefully young Mr. Matthews along with J.V.R. with the suggestion to Vesey that a fascinating line could be made up of the American amigos, J.V.R., Matthews and Vessey. Just a suggestion to leaf management.