TLN Roundtable: Guessing The Next Notification


I keep my Twitter notifications very, very off. Otherwise, my phone would have a nine-second battery life. If it’s not a direct message or a specifically pointed out account, I won’t see it. There aren’t too many accounts on that list, but if there’s one that gets me to perk up at a moments notice, it’s @LeafsPR. The official account for team news, most of the stories in the Lamoriello era have been broken through a controlled press release from this account rather than the fancy insiders.

So, in a time of silence, I wondered what could be the next thing we see on there. Here’s what we’re all guessing:

Katy Tearle

Well. Obviously, the next thing that @LeafsPR will announce is a Press Conference. And that press conference will be about how Lou has nothing to announce today. Then the following day, there will be a flurry of announcements, including the signing of Enroth, and what Mitch Marner had for lunch. Or a backup signing. Probably Enroth, 1 year, less than 2 million.

Shawn Reis

Barring a Vesey signing, the next thing that Leafs PR account announces will probably be the signing of a backup goalie. I don’t know who that would be (Enroth?), but whoever it is, I imagine it’ll be on a one-year deal and probably in and around $1M. It could always be the announcement of a camp invite or two, but the Leafs roster is pretty full already, save for a backup goalie.

Ryan Hobart

The next thing they announce will be that training camp is starting. I’m predicting we have complete quiet for the rest of the summer. Without a backup goalie signed, it’ll likely come down to a PTO to get someone to make that role. Otherwise, it’ll be Sparks to start the season.

Jeff Veillette

Quickly after sending this question out to the masses, I realized that I asked the hardest question of all-time to give a different answer for than “maybe Vesey in three days or Enroth whenever”. So I spent far too much time thinking about what other than a roster transaction that account could possibly tweet about in the next couple of days.

I’m going with “Follow the @MapleLeafs Centennial banner tour as the team’s legends return home. DETAILS:”. That’s a really cool initiative that they’ve got going there, and they started it today in Bracebridge for Ace Bailey, so I’d suppose the PR account will give a full showing of dates once they have everything set.