TLN Plays of the Month: July 2016


Well, that was an eventful month! What was supposed to be the glorious end to Stammergeddon and a period of relaxation where nobody quite cared about anything else ended up being much different. The Leafs instead ended up building up the depth side of the roster with a level of urgency that made us all get a little antsy, for better or for worse.

Anyway, with the month behind about to be behind us, and knowing that some of our readers may have gone on vacation or taken an offseason breather from the game, I’ve assembled all of the news, takes, and resources that TLN had to offer in July into a couple of easy to follow lists.

A Timeline of News

Hot Takes


As an aside, this month was a huge one for TLN as a website. After setting single-month records for traffic and active users in June, we broke the active users record once again and, despite the relative lack of news to write about, had our third most-trafficked month in site history. By comparison, our active reader base this July is 70% bigger than it was last year. Despite it being the offseason, our reader base over the past 90 days has grown by 30%.

Of course, the numbers themselves aren’t a goal for us, but rather a reflection of the support our staff have put in over the past few months, and more importantly, the support you’ve all shown us of late. Even at times where perspectives weren’t met eye to eye, some fantastic dialogue has come about to bring us all closer to understanding this crazy team that we probably spend too much of our time caring about. Either way, the support doesn’t go unnoticed and we’ll be continuing to look for different ways to make the platform even more of a must-visit for everyone throughout the summer and into the new season.

In the meantime, though… can the Leafs sign Enroth already? Seriously, we’ve been waiting all week.