WWYDW: Marty’s Future


The Leafs are almost at the end of the long and winding RFA road, and they couldn’t be doing a better job of it. While there are still some salary cap hurdles ahead of them this year, all seven of the players they’ve locked back in since April have signed for below market value, or at it but very close to the minimum. They’ve even avoided both their arbitration meetings this week with Peter Holland and Frank Corrado, minimizing the odds of any animosity between the player and management.

But there is still one player left, and that’s Martin Marincin. The polarizing defensive defenceman has his hearing on August 2nd (next Tuesday), and we still don’t know much about it. So for this edition of WWYDW, let’s play a guessing game!


  • What will the Leafs’ arbitration offer be?
  • What will Marincin’s ask be?
  • What will the final salary end up being?

Please leave your answers below. It’ll be interesting to see who comes the closest!

  • BarelyComments

    I have no idea really what the arbitration will be like, maybe a team offer of 1m, player offer of 3m, and an arbitrator falls somewhere in the 1.5-2 range? What I really hope happens though is that they can lock Marty up for a semi-long term deal before the arbitration, I’d hope for something like 4 or 5 years somewhere in and around 2m…

    I thought Marincin’s year last year was really promising, he seemed to thrive on more responsibility given to him as the season went on and the top pairing with him and Reilly at the end of the year was definitely servicible, if we lock him up we get a good #5 dman who is huge and can kill penalties all while still being a positive possession player. Plus I really do think he has top 4 potential if you need him in that role…

  • Trevor5555

    I like Marincin. No nonsense stay at home guy with pretty good wheels. I see him asking 1.5 and Toronto offering 800k in arbitration with the award if it goes there being 1 Million. Hopefully we sign him for 2 years at 1.8-2 million.

    If Carrado got 600k Marincin cant get more than 1 million unless that cameo on the top pair after injuries and trades carries a lot of weight. Its not like he took Polak and Hunwicks minutes by merit.

  • Gary Empey

    He was a bubble player last year on a 30th overall team. Let’s not forget when he got lots of ice time at the end of the season the Leafs were losing and heading for the bottom of the tank.

    BarelyComments thinks we should lock him up for 4/5 years at 2 million per.

    I think he will have trouble making the team this year. He will have to fight it out with Corrado, Dermott, Nielsen, Loov and other Marlies, for that 7th spot. No more than a one year contract. Like Corrado he is likely to go unclaimed if placed on waivers

    His size and skating are good but his hockey IQ is not the best.

    • BarelyComments

      We should be thrilled if any of the mentioned players end up being as good as Marincin, who is a bona fide middle-pair defensive defenseman who is actually good at meaningful defense.

      If Zaitsev actually turns out to be good, and Rielly isn’t as bad as his analytics show (And he looked best with Marincin FWIW), then a top 5 of Gardiner, Zaitsev, Rielly, Carrick, and Marincin will be just fine.

      • Gary Empey

        Re – “Rielly isn’t as bad as his analytics show”

        Do you think the Leafs should cut Rielly because of his bad analytics?

        Maybe have Marincin and Corrado as your top pairing defencemen.

        • Stan Smith

          Now where did I say that, Gary?

          I’m more of an advocate for letting him play out his current contract, and move him if he continues to be incapable of playing defense at a top-4 level. The return on him would be rather high, I imagine.

          The Leafs should consider trading one of their left-shot defenders as it is – Rielly’s a good candidate for what he would bring back!

  • Stan Smith

    This is a real tough one to pick. Listening and reading what everyone has to say about him, he is either going to be their top pairing guy, or be lucky to make the team. I’m on the not so enamored side myself. I think he battles it out with Carrick for the #6 guy. If he is in their top pairing, the Leafs are a long long way from where they want to be.