Auston Matthews signs Entry Level Contract

Photo Credit: Timothy T. Ludwig/USA TODAY SPORTS

It looks like the speculation was much ado about nothing. The Toronto Maple Leafs have signed Auston Matthews to a three-year entry Level contract this afternoon.

According to Sportsnet’s Chris Johnston, the deal involves max salary and max bonuses, contrary to all of the speculation that had gone about across town about Lou Lamoriello’s reluctance to do so. With that in mind, time to update the chart!

Year Player Date Salary Bonuses %Max
2016 Auston Matthews July 21st, 2016 925000 2850000 100
2015 Connor McDavid July 3rd, 2014 925000 2850000 100
2014 Aaron Ekblad Setember 3rd, 2014 925000 2850000 100
2013 Nathan Mackinnon July 9th, 2013 925000 2850000 100
2012 Nail Yakupov July 23rd, 2012 925000 2850000 100
2011 Ryan Nugent-Hopkins July 2nd, 2011 925000 2850000 100
2010 Taylor Hall July 5th, 2010 900000 2850000 100
2009 John Tavares July 15th, 2009 900000 2850000 100
2008 Steven Stamkos July 30th, 2008 875000 2850000 100
2007 Patrick Kane July 25th, 2007 875000 2850000 100
2006 Erik Johnson May 14th, 2007 850000 2850000 100
2005 Sidney Crosby September 9th, 2005 850000 2850000 100
2004 Alex Ovechkin August 6th, 2005 984200 2850000 100

Matthews, as we all know, was Toronto’s first overall selection in the 2016 NHL Entry Draft and is the bringer of sunshine and happiness to this fine city. The Scottsdale native scored 46 points in 36 games for Zurich of the NLA this year and will play his next competitive hockey as a member of Team North America at the 2016 World Cup of Hockey this fall.



  • Hockey Hoser

    FINALLY. We can put all the dog days of summer stories about fake problems behind us!

    and by that… I mean onto the next one….

    BREAKING – Matt Martin doesn’t like Toronto ice cream, HOW WILL THIS IMPACT THE TEAM

    • Capt.Jay

      Where’s your source!!!!! How dare you say he doesn’t!!!!!!! I think he does and don’t you dare disagree with me.

      For those who don’t know, I’m kidding of course. He doesn’t like ice cream.

    • N.Rad

      I blame Lou. Hr should have known better than to sign someone who doesnt like Toronto ice cream. This will definitely negatively impact Matthews and his performance

  • Gary Empey

    Wooo! Auston’s in the 416

    Everybody can return to uncharted happiness. Remember how most of us were okay with getting the 4th overall pick before we won the lottery?

  • Hockey Hoser

    3 years for a guy that hasn’t played a single game?

    Between Mcgann and the bloggers, the sensationalism regarding this signing was off the charts.

  • Martin TO

    What a surprise, more ridiculous speculation turns out to be completely false.

    That Star article is an absolute joke. Like you wrote in the last post even bringing up the idea of him playing in Europe instead of the NHL is so face-palm worthy.

    Wish people would save their crazy comments for after things happen instead of before when they have no idea whats going on.

    • Stan Smith

      Two points. Seeing as the majority of the contract is in performance bonuses, how can that be overpaying him? If he doesn’t perform he doesn’t get paid.

      Second point, note the chart that shows every 1st pick since 2004 has signed for the exact same amount of money. With that fact in mind, wouldn’t anything less than that be under-paying him?

  • Martin TO

    Quoted form Matthew’s agent: “There were no issues at all getting it done with Lou and the Leafs. Auston is thrilled.”

    Where these media guys get their info is anyone’s guess, probably the same place their heads are most of the time..

  • FlareKnight

    Now the fun begins.

    We will see how Matthews stacks up against all those previous first overall forwards as far as points, Corsi, etc.

    Can hardly wait for the 2016 World Cup to see how he handles himself and whether he and McDavid will have some chemistry.

  • silentbob

    For 3 years I feel a lot better at 750,000, not 925000. Its not that 925,000 is too much its just a lot of money for a lot of term…….. I dunno…..makes me worried

    *I’m channeling my inner Dangle*

  • FlareKnight

    Thank god that’s over with. I’m sure all the media and blogs would have loved to milk this non-story for as long as they could though.

    In the end pretty standard. Contract got done at about the same as most first overall picks. And yes, he got his bonuses. This isn’t NJ.

    I’m sure we’ll transition into more paranoid silliness, but nice for a few hours we can just enjoy this being done.