WWYDW: Take The Lead

We posted some of our takes, now it’s time for some of yours. With Dion Phaneuf now five months removed from being a member of the Leafs, Toronto is approaching a new season without a named captain.

On Sunday, we gave seven suggestions for options that should be considered. Some of you strongly agreed with me. Some of you felt I was missing players. Many of you didn’t realize the Matt Martin suggestion was sarcastic and solely done to make fun of the fact he’s never worn a letter at a high level.

But one thing’s for sure; we didn’t get much of a consensus.

So this time, rather than having everyone ride passenger to a post, let’s put you into the drivers seat. How should the Leafs approach their letters this year, and why? We’d like to hear your C’s, your A’s, your never-ever-gets-a-letters, and everything in between. Enlighten us, on this fine What Would You Do Wednesday morning.

  • CMpuck

    Offer sheet Kucherov then give him the C for all I care

    -Edit, who cares who is captain? It’s just a media rep in today’s NHL, make Dangle captain is just as well-

  • CMpuck

    Pretty sure were two years away from naming a captain.
    I’d also like to see Kadri given an A if he can continue his strong play from last year.

    A:Kadri (promotion 1/2 way through year)

  • CMpuck

    I think we have to wait and see at least one more season to decide on captains, there will be plenty of adversity coming up so we’ll get to see who disappears and who takes initiative in those situations. In the meantime, A’s to Bozak, Komarov and Reilly. If Bozak gets traded, give bozaks A to Kadri.

  • Puck_Stops_Here

    I believe in giving it to the hardest working guy on and off the ice, regardless of talent. That’s because it shows especially to young guys what kind of commitment and hard work it takes.

  • CMpuck

    No C
    A – Leo
    A – Bozak
    A – Laitch
    A – Reilly

    I think Reilly deserves a letter this season. He leads the team in ice time and is ready for more responsibility, just not the C at this time.

  • Harold Ballard

    What i want to see:
    Kadri: A
    Rielly: A
    Komarov: A
    Rielly: C
    Komarov: A
    Hyman: A
    What will probably happen:
    Bozak: A
    Polak: A
    Komarov: A
    Rielly: C
    Marner: A
    Bozak: A (if hes still around)

    Babcock will want to protect the kids and not give them responsibility with the C or A but Shanny will want to start the whole “new EEERAAAA” with a young guy with the C and the “oldest/most tenured” is Rielly so it goes to him. Bozaks been an A for a while now so i dont expect that to change unless hes traded. and they brought polak back who was an A last year so he gets it back too. Marner is the captain in London so i guess hes got leadership qualitites ??? we’ll have to wait and see. training camp will tell a lot for sure

    • Harold Ballard

      Marner is the captain in London so i guess hes got leadership qualitites ???

      Correction: Marner was co-Captain along with Dvorak. If he goes back and Dvorak does not, will be interesting to see what he does if the sole captain.

  • silentbob

    Right off the bat, no one should care. The C and A’s are relics of a by-gone era of the sport. They were important when only the captain’s could talk to the refs and had to act as a bridge between the players and coaches. These barriers no longer exist and the letters are really just ego boosts for the players who have them. Fact is leaders lead. Period. It doesn’t matter who has a letter, the leaders in and of a group will lead it. So who should get the letters? Whoever needs the ego boost most.

    So now that reality is out of the way, onto the fantasy of hockey leadership and letters. They should simply identify who the leader is and give him the C. The letter is susposed to be the player who is THE leader in the locker room, so give it to whoever that player is. If its a young guy like Rielly, great we probably have a guy who will wear it for a long time. If its a guy Laich….then it will probably only be on him for a year or two, but why shouldn’t he be reconigized for what he is bringing to the locker room just because he won’t be here in 3-5-7 years?

  • 2016-17: rotate “A’s” evenly between Rielly, Kadri, JVR, Leo, Laich and Bozak.

    2017-18: rotate “A’s” evenly between Matthews, Rielly, Kadri, JVR, Leo.

    2018-19: C – Matthews, A – Rielly and A – Kadri/JVR/Leo


  • Puck_Stops_Here

    Scratch what I said earlier. I come to realize that maybe the players should choose for themselves. After all they know best who the real leader is on and off the ice. Let it be someone who they lookup to.

  • RedLightRaycroft

    Since it’s Babcock, it’ll be Bozak, Hunwick, Laich, and Komarov with A’s on their sweaters. Captaincy to Matthews or Rielly however for the start of the 17/18 season.

  • Foximus

    I don’t think the Leafs need to rush a Capitan. The Capitan should anonymously come out and be great on and off the ice. Wait two years so that we can know for sure who it should be. Then don’t make a big deal about it just have the player skate on the ice with the C and be done with it.

  • Harte of a Lion

    I’d wait for someone with the proper leadership skills to rise to the top. You need a player like Sittler or Gilmore who can produce, won’t back down to anyone, always plays a 200′ game, shows grit & has a ton of heart. I’d want a player who gets chosen to play for their country on a regular basis.

    There’s no way in hell that I’d be picking Kadri who still hasn’t grown up yet. Team leaders don’t give a throat slashing gestures or show the lack of sportsmanship by diving although he has gotten a bit better in that regard. He’s become a solid player but doesn’t show the leadership skills to be a captain or an assistant.

    I’d wait a few years until the youngster have a bit of experience & see who fits best. There is no rush choosing a captain, rotating the C isn’t a bad idea until a clear leader shows themselves. We have a few who have been captains in junior.

    I’d be rotating Leo, Bozak & JVR in the meantime. At this time Leo has the most qualifications but I’d still prefer someone younger & can score a bit more.

  • Harte of a Lion

    As far as a Captain, we need to draft a kid with the last name “Crunch”. Until then I don’t think wearing a letter matters at this point of the build.