TLN 2016 Prospect Rankings: Have your say!

Our favourite part of the off-season is approaching. In just a few weeks, we’ll be revealing our 2016 TLN Prospect Rankings! With a ton of new talents in the system that weren’t around a year ago, we’re very excited to see how this ends up.

This time, though, we’d like to have your say as well.

While our final rankings will still be mostly decided on by the staff and a few specially selected experts, we’d also like to hear what you all think of what may just be the best prospect pool in hockey. The Leafs have over forty players in their system that would theoretically be eligible for the Calder Trophy next year, with a couple being realistic threats.

So, with that in mind, we’d like to see your top twenty. We’ve set up an anonymous google docs form that lists the eligible players and allows you to rank them one by one. We’ve also set up an area at the bottom for you to give us feedback on the site, if you wish to let us know what we could do to make TLN a better place.

We’ll be posting the fan results alongside our final results, which will begin to head your way at the beginning of August!

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  • Capt.Jay

    We’ve come a long way when you have a guy like Connor Brown who has done what he has done in both junior and in the AHL and he barely gets mentioned. You just know one of the many existing prospects not named Matthews, Nylander or Marner will end up surprising us all and be a complete bonus. Can’t wait!

    • Jeremy Ian

      Agreed. Obviously, the big three will make a huge impact. Matthews, Marner, and Nylander. I’d rank them 1-2-3.

      Is Zaitsev even a “prospect?” If so, that’s four big difference makers.

      I am looking forward to Andreas Johnson and Dmytro Timashov. They should really impress. That nasty Dan Kelly elbow-to-the-head on Johnson in his second Marlie game was utterly sickening. Welcome to North America from an ass hole.

      This is why Babcock said he wanted to see more toughness, for all those still wondering why Matt Martin was signed.

    • Jeremy Ian

      I love Connor Brown too! I’ve got him third on my list after Marner and Matthews. If you’re looking for a good long shot candidate to watch this season, sort of like a Connor Brown 2.0 if you prefer, with many of the same qualities, try Adam Brooks. He was the leading scorer in the WHL with 120 points but doesn’t get picked until the 4th round because—you guessed it—he’s very short. So we might have stolen another one here!

  • CMpuck

    Really looking forward to getting to see Timashev, Nielsen and Johnson, read so much about them, just want to see them play.

    Piccinich looked good in he Memorial Cup.

    • JB#1


      Every time I read comments by people advocating throwing Kapanen into a trade as an extra piece, I think to myself – whoa, pump the brakes there folks, he is ONLY 19. Let’s give him a chance to develop and see what we end up with. I think it could be something very good that could take the sting out of the Kessel trade for some people.

  • SEER

    1.Auston Matthews 2.William Nylander
    3.Mitch Marner 4.Kaspari Kapanin
    5.Connor Brown 6.Andreas Johnson
    7.Nikita Soshnikov 8.Branden Leipsic
    9.Travis Dermott 10.Dymitro Timoshev
    11.Fredrick Gauthier 12.Joseph Woll
    12.Yegor Korshkov 13.Andrew Nielson
    14.Carl Grundström 15.Rinat Vailev
    16.D.J Greenaway 17)Stephan Desrocher 18)Marrin Dzierkals
    19.Nikita Korestelev 20.J.J Pichinich

    • Jeremy Ian

      I’d move Brown ahead of Kapanen. I’d slide Hyman behind Sosh. For both of them, they are bursting to make an impact on the team. Not to diminish Kapanen, who’s still a teenager with a huge upside.

      Rychel I assume we are also leaving out of this equation?

  • Brent Wisken

    Darn, kicking myself. Submitted my rankings, based on the list provided, and now realize i left off Connor Carrick and Kerby Rychel (not on the main list). But i had fun doing this, thank you.

  • Jeremy Ian

    I would still do this trade [as leafs still have no number one center [for the 2016-17 season] or number one d-man, and are missing a top-6 forward, top-4 d-man, and only 2 or 3 center prospects]
    6’3 top line center Strome, 6’2 number 1 D-man Ekman Larson, 7th overall pick, and 12th overall pick, for Toronto’s 1st overall pick, d-man Gardener, Bracco [to play with Matthews], Holland and Carrick.
    The deal is for Ekman-Larson, who is not just a number-1 d-man, a top-30 in the league, but a top-10 [by any measure], and 6’2 and only 22. There doesn’t appear to be any other possible way Toronto will ever get a number-1 d-man, let alone one bound to win a Norris trophy. Meanwhile, Strome is the 3rd best big center, 24 or under; one year ago, Leafs would be doing cart wheels if they got him. …… but, the deal doesn’t end there, as 6’0 Alex Nylander is there at 7th overall. Also, amazingly, 6’2 Jacob Chychrun, every Leafs fans’ 1st d-man off the board, fell to the 16th pick overall. Also, Asplund fell to 31st, and Korshkov is still there at 56th. So, Leafs would have a line of Strome-Marner [who both had more points and ppg than Taylor-Tyler, Stamkos or Tavares], and Nylander-Nylander [drawing comparison to Sedin-Sedin], and Tymashov-Asplund-Korshkov,….. and that’s just the WJC standouts. ….. Among 22 and-under D-men, the top pair [depth, not L/R] Ekman-Larson and Rielly, 2nd pair Zaitsev-Chychrun, …..and goalie Anderson, …. Also, Stamkos would have signed….. re-build over.

    • JB#1

      lol haha nah

      This is a rebuild! Building takes time! We all need to be patient!

      This is quite a swing for a championship team but it’s a swing too early. We need to wait it out and DEFINITELY keep Matthews, are you high? The rest is just based predictions that could possibly come true but also might flop, and either way wouldn’t be as good as our team now with Matthews and everyone else.

      I agree with you that Ekman Larsson fits our timeline and is dank but he is already a key number one D in another good looking rebuild. Not bouta give up Matthews for him.

  • Jeremy Ian

    I had WAY too much fun with this…

    I took organizational need into consideration and may have ranked D (Zaitsev, Dermott, Nielson, Valiev, Greenway) and G (Woll) a little higher than most.

    Great to see a combo of “almost ready” prospects and “long term” kids….


  • Jeremy Ian

    should have offered a polling system. much easier to rank them like that instead of typing out every name. more people would participate too. it takes too much time and effort to type out every prospect’s full name,

  • Capt.Jay

    1. Matthews

    2. Marner

    3. Nylander

    4. Brown

    5. Kapennen

    6. Dermott

    7. Soshnikov

    8. Rychel

    9. Carrick

    10. Andreas Johnsonn

    I hope big things from Brown and Dermott

  • SEER

    A prospect still., but one with some NHL experience, as well..
    Acquired in the June 25th 2016 trade with Columbus…, for Scott Harrington.. New montage for him..

    Kerby Rychel / Left Wing / shoots L / Born Oct 7 1994 / Torrance, CA. /
    21 yrs. ago /
    Height 6.01 / Weight 213


    2014-15 – Columbus Blue Jackets – NHL
    5 Games… 0 Goals… 3 Assists… 3 Points… +3
    2014-15 – Springfield Falcons – AHL
    51 Games… 12 Goals… 21 Assists… 33 Points… +7
    2015-16 – Columbus Blue Jackets – NHL
    32 Games… 2 Goals… 7 Assists… 9 Points… +5
    2015-16 – Lake Erie Monsters – AHL
    37 Games… 6 Goals… 21 Assists… 27 Points… +1
    2016 AHL PLAYOFFS *Calder Cup Champions
    17 Games… 1 Goal… 5 Assists… 6 Points… – 4

    Rychelcide: Kerby Rychel 2013-2016 Extended Highlights – TML (HD)


    • JB#1

      Come on Guys,

      How about a big stick tap for Seer?

      While we wait for someone else to break the sound of the crickets, I’ll just say a big THANK YOU for putting these montages together – they are appreciated.

      P.S. I try to remember to give you a “props” every time I see one of your posts.

  • Capt.Jay

    1. Mitch Marner
    2. Auston Matthews
    3. Connor Brown
    4. William Nylander
    5. Nikita Soshnikov
    6. Dimitro Timashov
    7. Zach Hyman
    8. Connor Carrick
    9. Kasperi Kapanen
    10 Nikita Zaitzev
    11. Rinat Valiev
    12. Kerby Rychel
    13. Jeremy Bracco
    14. Antoine Bibeau
    15. Travis Dermott
    16. Garrett Sparks
    17. Brendan Leipsic
    18. Andrew Nielsen
    19. Josh Leivo
    20. Adam Brooks