Toronto Marlies sign Cason Hohmann, Eric Faille

Photo Credit: Twitter / @TorontoMarlies

The Toronto Marlies added to their AHL-only wing of the roster over the past two days, adding Cason Hohmann and bringing back occasional contributor Eric Faille on one-year deals.

Hohmann is an interesting pickup, and perhaps a sign that the organization hasn’t abandoned the idea of the undersized being undervalued. Hohmann, who is a 23-year-old right winger from Arlington Texas, stands at just 5’9 and weighs approximately 175 pounds.

Certainly, that’s not the makings of a giant. But you don’t need to be 6’5 to put the puck in the net, and that’s what the Marlies are surely gambling on him being able to use his lightning-quick foot speed and shifty hands to get the puck towards the net. In his teens, Hohmann drew early comparisons to Martin St. Louis, but never quite ended up panning out. Granted, St. Louis was also undrafted and didn’t score his first NHL point until he himself was 23, but he was also a much more dominant NCAA player.

Year Age Team League GP G A PTS NHLe
2009/10 16 Cedar Rapids USHL 58 9 27 36 13.74
2010/11 17 Cedar Rapids USHL 55 22 34 56 19.2
2011/12 18 Boston U NCAA 35 2 6 8 6.93
2012/13 19 Boston U NCAA 39 10 24 34 26.45
2013/14 20 Boston U NCAA 30 9 10 19 19.22
2014/15 21 Boston U NCAA 41 11 20 31 22.94
2015/16 22 Elmira ECHL 59 20 37 57 17.43

Hohmann’s college career hit its peak in 2012/13, finishing four in scoring on a Boston University team led by San Jose Sharks forward Matt Nieto. The year that followed was largely a disappointment, but he closed off with a bit of a recovery on BU’s championship winning, Jack Eichel possessing 2014/15 team. The Eichel connection is probably what led to the Sabres approaching him to play for the Rochester Americans last season, but he spent all but three of his games in the ECHL, scoring at nearly a point per game pace in the ECHL.

As with most AHL signings, this signing can be met with two basic takes. Either the team sees something interesting in Hohmann’s game that they’d like to build upon, or simply feel that they need some depth that can bounce between the Marlies and the Solar Bears. Though, if his social media game keeps up, it won’t be hockey that puts him on the latter squad:

The Marlies also signed Eric Faille today, giving them another option on the Right Wing. Faille was one of the most pleasant surprises of last season as far as non-prospects go; the 26-year-old led the Solar Bears in scoring with 60 points in 56 games and had 7 goals and 3 assists in his 15 games with Toronto. Faille is an energetic, medium-sized forward who loves to shoot the puck.

Faille is an easy player to root for, in the sense that he’s been relentless in his chase for the dream. Born in the Montreal suburb of Lachine, Quebec, Faille played four years for the Acadie-Bathurst Titan before heading to the college ranks. Unlike most, though, he played in the CIS, representing the University of Moncton for four years. As it stands, Faille is yet to spend more than 21 games in the AHL in a single season, but a strong camp could certainly change that.

  • SEER

    Hohmann I have to do more research on.., but his PPG average the last two seasons is nice to see..

    Faille I was really impressed with, in the final part of the Marlies regular season… He’s a hard worker out there..


    A late.., but… new and first hightlight montage, for one of our 2014 Draft picks.. Meant to have this finished before the 2016 Draft prospects, so I thought I should get it done , now.., before I go back to the others..

    Pierre Engvall /
    Left Wing / shoots L /
    Born May 31 1996 / Ljungby, Sweden /
    20 yrs. ago /
    Height 6.03 / Weight 192


    2014-15 – Frölunda HC J20 – SuperElit – SHL
    38 Games… 17 Goals… 34 Assists… 51 Points… +7 “PPG+

    2015 PLAYOFFS
    3 Games… 0 Goals… 1 Assist… 1 Point… -3
    2014-15 – Team Sweden U19 & U20 – International Junior
    4 Games… 2 Goals… 0 Assist… 2 Points… +1

    2015-16 – Mora IK J20 – SuperElit (Sweden)
    50 Games… 12 Goals… 12 Assists… 24 Points… +4
    5 Games… 1 Goal… 0 Assists… 1 Point… -2

    Enter Engvall: Pierre Engvall 2014-2016 Highlights – TML (HD)


    • Jeremy Ian

      Why do guys “trash” Seer’s posts?

      Is it gratifying to log on with a curled lip?

      Seer, I like the posts and the videos (though sometimes I have to dial back the volume on your music selection). It’s all eye candy for hockeyless summer, and I get a kick out of the Swedish play by play.

      EDIT: is Pierre Engvall bound for this side of the Atlantic this coming season?

      • Gary Empey

        Re- Why do guys “trash” Seer’s posts?

        I think some people here think the reason Seer posts links to utube is to generate hits/money for his utube channel. (“My aunt made $11,000 last month without leaving the house”)

        The real reason Seer posts them is because he is a Leaf fan and making these videos is his hobby. He shares them with us TLN fans. As far as I know this is the only place Seer posts his links.

        If Seer was really looking to generate hits for his channel he wouldn’t be wasting his time creating highlights for one of our 2014 Draft picks like Pierre Engvall.

        I am sure he uses utube to post them because of the convenience, in house editing facilities, etc.

        Maybe Seer needs his own webpage. Creating a good webpage takes a lot more different skills than creating content. An understanding of Hyper Text Markup Language – HTML, for a start. And costs money for an ad free site.

        • Jeremy Ian

          Maybe that’s why — I never thought Seer’s in this for the $$$, more like an irrepressible passion and knack for finding obscure footage from Babelian sources.

          Yeah, creating a website of one’s own is a whole other venture.

        • SEER

          Thanks, Gary…, but I have to repeat again in here…

          I have stated many times, since I started this in January 2013.., that my channel, is NOT MONETIZED.. (at least, not by me… Some Music/Publishing Companies have claimed rights and make money off of most of my videos).

          I have never made one single cent, in over 440 videos made.. Anyone who works for You-Tube could verify this.. And for channels that do try to make money off of material that is not their own.., they can always be shut-down… and back-pay for any money previously made can be demanded by the opposing parties involved..

          ……..As far as you Aunt goes.., good for her..! She is making almost as much in one month, as I live on for a full year… and this is not a joke.. (She must be making completely original stuff, right..? No dubbing someone else’s…?) …… Yes, even though I could really use that little bit extra from video royalties.., I won’t try to obtain it illegally.. Part of my pathway…

          • Gary Empey

            I understand the money thing. The music is copy righted. Even the use of the images are owned by a hockey league.

            My aunt works as a Walmart greeter. I am not sure how she makes the extra.

            Keep up the good work.

      • SEER

        Thanks for the kind words.., Jeremy…. I have recently started to employ different styles of music in some of the videos… Mostly mashups… that I try to sample different styles of music in… Volume can always be turned down…, yes.. : ) But.., for those who like it loud, it is better to amp up the mix a bit, in the edit…..

        No… I think Engvall is planning to stay there & spend the 2016-17 season with Mora IK Allsvenskan.., but maybe Leafs management have other ideas…?

    • magesticRAGE

      After seeing a few clips of his, and following his season’s numbers, I think Engvall would make a quality 4th line winger. He has the size, skating, work ethic, and defensive awareness required. He would make a great linemate to Gauthier on the Marlies.

      Faille will most likely start with the Solar Bears due to the lack of room. He’s the first call up though.