What’s New, Leafs? A Pussycat. Whoa Whoa Whoaaaa.

#tbt Tempelton at the Mem Cup ??

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Noted cat enthusiast Kerby Rychel joins the Toronto Maple Leafs to bring things to the table. Here’s the thing – I know very little of him other than I had been following him on Instagram just so I could look at pictures of his cat Templeton. And that says A LOT because so much of my life is spent trying to care about my friend’s cats.

Ah yes, social media. The great beacon of documenting sandwiches, selfies, and animal pictures. We’ve come so far since Lol Cats and frankly, it is a relief. That was a dark time in our meme history that causes me to feel excruciating secondhand embarrassment. We have since moved on to documenting pets and some have achieved a bewildering amount of fame.

Enter Templeton Rychel.

Happy 7th birthday to my baby boy… Yes I did just make this picture #mancandymonday #onlyGodcanjudgeme ??

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Templeton has the distinct honor of having a Twitter account written in a voice that isn’t cringeworthy. There used to be an Instagram just for Templeton but it seems to have been closed up, which is a tragedy. Most all of the comments were people tagging their friends “please look at this cat.” I would know, because that’s what I was always doing.

The charm of Templeton and Kirby (and of Chase DeLeo and his alien baby hairless sphynx) is the owner embracing how much their cat looks like a weirdo and cherishes it for all to gaze upon. Kirby wants everyone to know that Templeton is his best friend and he loves him just how he is. 

Me and my son #happyfathersday #bestdad

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Templeton has a flat face and the gaze of a disproving Ron Swanson. He even has a mustache! Though, if Templeton were a lady, he’d surely be criticized for having RBF. Instead, he is just a permanent curmudgeon who seems to have the constant expression of horror over people not using coasters. 

Mean mugginnnnn

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The joy of Templeton is how he seems to just hate everything and is constantly bothered by daily events. It is outstanding. If he could, he’d yell at millenials for taking selfies and using hoverboards on his lawn.

Happy National Kitty day ? #myboy #brother

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Welcome to Toronto, Templeton. I hope to see you in a Leafs jersey, too.

Baby’s new Halloween costume!!!

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