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The Leafs only made two signings but they’re two pretty unexpected and controversial ones. Lots of Leafs Nation seems pretty pissed off. Let me take a role I usually don’t: The voice of reason.

  • Capt.Jay

    You management apologists are rehashing the same tired excuses when Nonis brought in Robidas, Clarkson and Bernier.

    Oh my gosh what about Granberg and Holzer’s development they will be stuck behind Robidas. Why trade for Bernier when we have Reimer.

    The player names change but tired strawman narratives are the same. Give it a few years and this shall too pass.

    • TGT23

      Clarkson signed for 5.2M for eternity, Robidas was coming off a broken leg (or was it 2?) and was given a multi-year deal, Bernier people were split on.

      This is not like that. And this ownership group has earned more leeway.

      How people continue to believe these things are the same is ridiculous to me.

  • Jason_76

    Not a big Polak fan, but as far as 5-6 D men are concerned it could be alot worse. Can’t say the guy doesn’t at least show up and work hard. You are spot on Steve. The kids will see his work ethic and follow suit. Rebuilding takes more than 2 years. I can tolerate losing as long as the effort is there and hey… is anybody gonna complain when he’s flipped for more picks to help said rebuild further. I’m sure Polak’s under no illusions of what this is and how he’ll be utilized.

  • Jeremy Ian

    Steve — thanks for the reality check. Some of the sky-is-falling rhetoric is absurd.

    In retrospect, I kinda regret the whole Affaire Stamkos. It gave a lot of us the feeling that the rebuild could go faster — and why not, if the opportunity was there?

    As it became clear that Stamkos was a long shot, or not going to work out, management hit the brakes and brought the process back to the original timeline.

    We have to re-set expectations back to the original pace; it means one more year of not aiming to get into the playoffs, focusing on basic player development, a strategic trade or two. Get one more high pick in 2017, transition the young players into the league, etc.

    The Leafs were so badly constructed, it takes more than one year to dismantle and rebuild. These UFA’s are all about the transition — not the final roster.

    In the meantime, becoming the final roster can still be fragile. Remember the Oilers before (or without) McDavid. The Oilers toiled away with great young talent getting shellacked and consoled themselves by monopolizing top picks for half a decade — and are now shedding even those (Taylor Hall). These Leaf UFA’s are about avoiding the Oilers’ low-level equilibrium trap: thinking the young players can do the rebuild on their own — and getting stuck as their development stalls, demoralization sets in, and management reaching for quick fix solutions or losing good players because they can’t separate the talent from the whole mess (Dubnyk).

    So, I like the overall approach here with the Leafs.

  • Brent Wisken

    I agree with Dangle. People need to relax. So much for patience. Within a three week span people lose their minds. With regards to Matt Martin, he is only one person on a 23 man roster. The fact management hasn’t signed any other UFA forwards shows that they are sticking to the plan – making sure there is room for the young forward prospects to make the team. With regards to Polak, he is only signed to a one year deal, and the Leafs don’t have the same depth with their young d-men prospects as they do with their forwards. The d-men prospects can continue to develop with the Marlies. There is still room for Conner Carrick and Zaitsev to make the team.