Leafs qualify five RFAs (so far)

It’s been an eternity (nearly forty-eight hours) since any real Leafs news, but we’ll get some tonight in the form of their list of qualified restricted free agents. Toronto had nine players who were eligible to be extended offers by the deadline today – Garret Sparks, Peter Holland, Frank Corrado, Josh Leivo, Martin Marincin, Stuart Percy, Colin Smith, and Carricks Connor and Sam.

So far it’s been confirmed that Sparks, Corrado, Holland, and Marincin all unsurprisingly have been qualified, but news regarding the others has yet to surface. And given the way other teams have gone about their business today, it’s unclear which ones will get an offer.

Shortly after the publishing of this post, an offer was extended to Connor Carrick, who’s likely a full-time NHL player next season. But as for Percy, Smith, and maybe even Leivo, things are a little up in the air. It’s assumed Sam Carrick is as good as gone.

There’s been some surprising activity around the league today in terms of who’s gone unqualified by the deadline. Names like Joe Colborne and Brandon Pirri aren’t stars by any means, but they did pile up nice totals this past season, and now they’ll be available to everyone. Though, it’s important to note that teams appear to be avoiding the risk of going to arbitration with a few players, instead looking to work things out on their own or let players walk. However it plays out, they just don’t want to get pinned with a heavy arbitration reward.

Given the way the Leafs aren’t tied to much on their roster, it wouldn’t be too surprising to see anyone on their remaining list get left out besides C. Carrick and Leivo. After all, players like Percy and S. Carrick were inherited by this management group, so they aren’t exactly “their guys”.

We’ll see how things shake out with the rest of the Leafs’ list, and then it might be wise to turn attention to those elsewhere who didn’t get on board with their teams, who could perhaps make sense as free agents for Toronto.

  • Capt.Jay

    Percy has been a surprise to me. Maybe it was the concussions he suffered early in his career but he flatlined on us. To bad too, I liked him in junior and thought for sure he’d be a good defenceman for us.

  • Capt.Jay

    I love these smart moves by leaf management today. They are qualifying exactly the players I would and letting those that just have what it takes to move on. It feel so great to have smart management leading this team.

    • Gary Empey

      For the Love of Jesus HB don’t rush the Stammer deal. Everybody and their friggin brother in the Atlantic Division is coming out of the woodwork to make him an offer. Give those in billionaires in New York some time to get in on the action. If he doesn’t sign in Toronto I would hate to see our declining, direct competition turn it around without having to go through the agony of a complete God-damned tear-down like we have just been through.

      PS can you go into GM mode with Stammer on the Leafs, and let us know the outcome. It has to be more accurate than those Corsi stats.

  • Gary Empey

    Trying to figure out these qualifying offers is too much for me. Does expansion fit into the equation? Same thing for the salary cap and the 50 man roster thingy. What about the whack of prospects coming? Where do the other teams fit in? They can’t take everyone who is not qualified or can they? Can the Leafs now cherry pick some of their guys? Why don’t I see anything about Corsi in this article. I think that would be helpful.

    It was much easier in the good old days when teams signed a kid at 12 years old and owned him from cradle to grave.

  • Gary Empey

    First on Stamkos.

    Even though I think his talent is dwindling and his future health uncertain, if the Leafs convince him to come “home”… I’ll all in. If he goes elsewhere, we’ll just make sure we beat that team time and time again.

    As for qualifying offers, so far so good. I’d place the pecking order like this: Marincin, Leivo, Corrado, Carrick, Holland.

    I think Holland will be packed this summer with another journeyman and a pick for a starting D-man.

    Percy, Smith, and the other Carrick would be good Marlies, which can make a play for them pretty quick if no NHL suitors are lining up.

  • Capt.Jay

    I am really surprised that Colin Smith didn’t get an offer. Seems like a guy that could challenge for a bottom 6 role this year. Really starred with the Marlies once he was acquired.

  • jasken

    RFAs I think all the important ones were given offers. Stamkos wants Toronto to make a reasonable offer or he is staying in TB. Why haven’t they even offered to ELCs to some of the players from last years draft. Seems like a trend bound to happen again this year.

    • Gary Empey

      Re- “Why haven’t they even offered to ELCs to some of the players from last years draft.”

      That would automatically put them on their 50 man roster limit. There is some risk they end up never signing and end up back in the draft or do the Vessey thing. It is a calculated risk