TLN’s 2016 Draft Kit

I’ll admit I’m starting to get tired of writing these opening paragraphs about how close we are getting to draft time, so let’s just get on with this. 

The Leafs are taking Auston Matthews tomorrow night with the first overall pick. We’ve discussed him a ton, and even debated that selection for a second or two. We’ve put together our draft rankings, checked in with everyone else’s, and identified plenty of prospects who could make sense for Toronto later down the line. We’ve talked about trading up, trading down, some “diamonds in the rough” and everything in between.

If you’ve left your draft homework to the last minute, here, it’s time to get reading.

Auston 4:16

Stop worrying and learn to love Auston Matthews

What we learned about Auston Matthews at the World Championships

Auston Matthews scores goals, and plenty of them

Why Auston Matthews is probably already an impact forward

Prospect Watch: Auston Matthews 

Why drafting Laine first overall is ridiculous

It’s time to talk about Auston Matthews 

Could the Leafs really end up with Laine ahead of Matthews?

Three players the Leafs should consider drafting with the first overall pick


Adam Mascherin

Rasmus Asplund

Sam Steel

Pascal Laberge

Dillon Dube

Tyler Benson

Jonathan Dahlen

Alex DeBrincat

Samuel Girard

Brett Howden

Adam Fox

Vitali Abramov

Dmitri Sokolov

Logan Stanley

Carter Hart

#WayAfterAuston: The Leafs should use a late pick on Golyshev

Five players that could slide at the draft

Five low-risk picks at the draft

Under-the-radar European prospects worth looking at

Analyzing the 2016 goalie class

2016 draft NHLe numbers

Which Swedes fit the 51% rule in the 2016 draft?

With Matthews drafted, Leafs will be able to turn attention to Stamkos immediately

TLN’s final top 30 + 1 rankings


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    • magesticRAGE

      Because Keller is awesome. I think he’s more complete than Alex Nylander, more skilled than Tkachuk, and he’s a natural center. 4 is kinda high, but might not be.
      I would pick Puljujärvi over Laine, more dynamic all over the ice, not just at the offensive circles.

  • Gary Empey

    My favourite part of the draft is watching the unwritten gentleman’s agreement to start off with appetizers of high scoring wingers and centers.

    Then when someone finally takes a defenceman the floor suddenly turns into the NY stock exchange and previously relaxed GM’s panic over missing the guy the really wanted.

    This always comes as a surprise to me because all I hear all year long is D, D. where can we get D. Who can we target. All we need is one more D. We are doomed without more D. How did those others guys get Jones?… A #1 center you say? Now that’s a bit rich. Yandle signed for what? Oh my God. Subban is available? Is there any way under the sun we can get him?

    D D D d d d d d, for the love of Jesus D

    Why don’t I use a high draft pick to get a D, you ask. No frigging way buddy. Look at those sweet forwards out there. Come on man don’t ask me to draft a D.

    ” Oh Lord won’t you buy me a Mercedes-D “

  • CMpuck

    Keller is doing the opposite Kessel climbing up instead of down.

    Hope we get some trades league wide, we’re due for a fun draft. Tomorrow will be the single best post Quinn era moment by a country mile in Leaf land.

  • Gary Empey

    Everybody knows who won the lottery,

    Everybody knows the bad guys lost,

    Everybody knows we signed a goalie,

    Everybody’s worried about the cost.

    That’s the way it goes…..

    Everybody knows.

    Everybody knows the kid from Scottsdale,

    Will be riding in to town,

    Everybody knows he’s on a mission,

    To gun those bad guys down.

    So wipe your tears and nose…..

    Everybody knows.

    With a little help from Leonard Cohen,

    As everybody knows.