These are the new Leafs jerseys


Thanks to what very well may have been a technical error, the Toronto Maple Leafs’ new jerseys from next year have been revealed by the team this afternoon.

This image and the new road jersey (seen at the end of this post) were in a video clip posted on the Leafs’ mobile application, which was removed shortly after posting. The images are consistent with the leak posted by’s Chris Creamer earlier this week, featuring a single stripe on on the lower stomach, the team’s new logo on the chest, and the traditional two stripes up on the arms.

As I stated in a long-winded rant on Tuesday night/early Wednesday morning, these are so close yet so far. While the app’s versions look a little bit nicer (perhaps thanks to proper proportions) than the mockup, the single stripe at the bottom is very out of place and throws off the consistency of the jersey. The single stripe was used just once, on the 1970s/80s jerseys that kicked off the “Ballard” logo, paired with an extended arm stripe that went up to the shoulders.

If there is any saving grace, it’s that the names on the back of this jersey will include Auston Matthews, Steven Stamkos, William Nylander, Mitch Marner, and Morgan Rielly next season.