These Better Not Be The New Leafs Jerseys

Mockup Credit: Chris Creamer/

While many expected to have to wait until Auston Matthews was called to the podium on Friday night before they got their first glimpse at the new logo on a Leafs jersey, but it appears that the social media machine has created a rare leak out of the Toronto Maple Leafs brass.

The above image is a mockup that reflects what Beamen told Chris Creamer of on Twitter this afternoon. Creamer, who is considered an insider in the sports branding news industry thanks to his graphic resource platform, confirmed with two other sources that this is what the team will be revealing in the coming days.

Given Creamer’s record, it’s hard to dispute the validity of this report, meaning that there’s a very realistic chance that what you see above will be the next home and away jersey of the Toronto Maple Leafs. Which means, for the first time since Dave Nonis gave Randy Carlyle a contract extension, I can say the following to Leafs brass with absolute certainty…

Are you all out of your minds?!

I love the new logo. I’ve been a long time advocate of switching back to something grittier and more reflective of the team’s most storied part of their history. I even ran a widely-publicized petition to go back to their roots back in 2009. They did just that with some slight modernizations, and I couldn’t be happier.

But these jerseys? They might be the single worst that the team has ever had.

Anybody with even the slightest eye for design will tell you that having two stripes on the shoulders and one large one on the bottom looks eclectic and unnecessary. The Leafs have always kept it simple; two stripes on the arms, two on the stomach. Three on the arms, three on the stomach. One big stripe from cuff to neck and back again? One big stripe around the stomach. So on and so forth. They broke character once, to have no stripes on the bottom, but that was absence rather than a clash.

This just doesn’t look like they don’t know what the heck they’re doing. It looks lazy, uninspired, and a change solely so it’s different enough to convince people to buy a second jersey.


But let’s be real, if you put out something like the above, you’d sell at least as many. Sure, the home jersey is just the current home jersey with the new logo and no shoulder patches, but the new logo has a massive approval rating and a bunch of up and coming players that will don it. The away jersey might be the 2008 alternate without the stroke tool attached to the logo, but that’s more than good enough.

People will buy the jerseys because they’re new and because they want Matthews, Marner, Nylander, and friends on the back.

This thing? It looks like someone ripped their Leafs jersey horizontally and stitched the bottom half of a Tampa Bay Lightning jersey onto it instead. Look, I know the Leafs are a little over a week away from probably poaching their captain, but the team didn’t have to make physical symbolism of that.

I hope these are wrong, and that our mystery leaker and sources have been shown some scrapped prototypes. Because as it is, a simple striping change makes all the difference between these being among the league’s best jerseys to, logo aside, arguably the league’s worst. If this is the route they’ve gone, what a wasted opportunity.

  • Capt.Jay

    Can’t say I love it. I was looking forward to buying one but I’m not sure I’ll spend the dough for this. I was hoping they’d do something along the lines of their winter classic jersey from a few years ago. I loved that neck to shoulder bar. I’m kinda tired of boring, the winter classics had some flare.

    Hoping this is a false leakage. Lol

  • Gary Empey

    I agree with you. That big stripe on the bottom upsets the ascetic balance of the whole jersey.

    I would like to re-post comment about Andersen, I replied to (i_miss_mogilny), in the maibag question section…. I hope you don’t mind me putting it here.

    I assumed the Leafs would have a very hard time acquiring a young promising goalie. Even if one became available the price would be crippling to the rebuild.

    Re- contract

    Andersen was a restricted free agent this year. Leafs could of went the arbitration route. I would liken that to telling a woman on a first date that “you really like her” and proposing to have sex with her for 6 months and then if she passes the test, at that point you would be prepared to have her sign a Prenuptial Agreement.

    Frederik Andersen could have become an unrestricted free agent next summer, but was willing to give up four UFA years as part of this deal.

    Leafs say they have done their research and homework on this guy. They have been watching him for months. All his tapes from Team Denmark and Sweden. Including what he does off ice when not playing hockey. Lamoriello even snuck into the ACC one morning when the Ducks were in town, to watch his morning skate routine. The whole management team was on board with this signing. Lamoriello says he loves the fact he elevates his games in playoffs. Most of us have forgotten what playoffs really are. ——————-

    TSN’s Bob McKenzie offered some thoughts on the price of the trade as well:

    For those saying TOR price on Andersen was extremely high, no one would have batted an eye if Leafs used 30th pick to take 18 yr old G…

    So the question becomes, would you pay an extra 2nd-rd pick to get a 26-yr-old with 125 NHL reg season games instead of the 18 yr old?

  • Mitch92

    The timing of this jersey change is odd with Adidas taking on the jersey contract for the NHL starting NEXT season(2017-2018). Perhaps getting a jump allows the Leafs a year to test out the new design and then they can tweak it to perfection prior to the Adidas version rolling out in another year. Stripes aside I much prefer the bigger logo on the second pictured jerseys.

  • Im a graphic designer, and if this is true . . . it’s my worst nightmare.

    but the whole point of the rebrand was not to try to modernize everything, it was to celebrate the past history of this team.

    The logo did exactly that,

    and I’m expecting the jersey to match.

    Im going full denial with this one and saying that Lou and Shanny have locked the real jersey in a safe in Lou’s torture dungeon and this reporter pulled a (horrible) prototype out of a trash bin somewhere.

    please god I hope thats the case.

  • Top Shelf

    I’m assuming that the logo will be larger on the sweater than the image up top depicts. In any event, I’m not wild about these. I was hoping for the shoulder yokes to be white on the home sweaters and blue on the away. I like that idea because it would change up the style of the recent jerseys without making a drastic change. I have to agree with @Rielly4captain up there. Regardless of a source, I don’t know if I believe that this regime would let anything like this out. Everything has been air tight under Lou and Shany. But maybe that’s just me hoping that this isn’t the final verdict. Keep in mind, if you don’t want to buy these jerseys, they’ll be wearing a ton of different sweaters this year commemorating the centennial. I’m sure there will be plenty of other options to put a Nylander, Marner or Matthews name plate on.

  • Top Shelf

    If that leaked design is true, I’m a fan.

    I love simplicity. It’s far more effective than some of these busy sweaters (yes, in ice hockey the top part of the outfit is a ‘sweater’) that look clownish or designed by Disney.

    Simple = strength.

      • Mitch92

        Count Bettman on Friday night at 7:12 PM, “We have a trade to announce. The Toronto Maple Leafs have traded the first selection in this years entry draft along with James Van Reimsdyk, Joffery Lupul, Jake Gardiner and Stuart Percy to the Edmonton Oilers in exchange for the fourth pick in this year’s draft and Connor McDavid”.

        After the Coilers draft Matthews and the Jets pick Laine, Bettman will step back up to announce another trade, “The Columbus Blue Jackets have traded the third pick in this year’s draft to the Toronto Maple Leafs for the fourth pick in this year’s draft and Tyler Bozak”.

  • vermie22

    you guys care this much about a jersey?? not even the logo/crest changes, but the jersey? its BLUE AND WHITE WITH STRIPES?

    “They might be the single worst that the team has ever had.

    Anybody with even the slightest eye for design will tell you that having two stripes on the shoulders and one large one on the bottom looks eclectic and unnecessary.” – relax there Karl Lagerfeld

  • Capt.Jay

    whoever made those jerseys , didn’t make the logo big enough, I think that throws it off by a lot , regardless of how the actual jersey looks. They are gonna release a simple jersey with the new logo…. then eventually, they’ll release a better jersey with this new logo.. it’s how they make their money. why would they release a sweet jersey with the new logo right away. They want you to buy this jersey, which is simple, then make a better jersey to get more of you $$$

  • Gary Empey

    could not agree with you more, Jeff.

    The lack of shoulder outline (like on the 50’s and 60’s jerseys) makes this jersey look remarkably plain.

    And , debatably more importantly than that, it just looks too damn similar to Tampa Bay’s.

    I dislike these templates almost as much as the very uninspired, plain-jane 2007-2010 jerseys that had NOTHING ELSE on it but the elbow stripes.

    the Dallas stars nailed the old hockey template with a modern twist.

  • Gary Empey

    Don’t worry – there’s some hope that in 2017, when Adidas takes over the manufacturing of all the NHL jerseys, they’ll probably revamp at least 27-28 out of the existing 30 teams (Detroit and Montreal will be spared of course), and maybe they’ll actually improve on this travesty…

    Until then… If this really is the jersey they’re going with, I’ll pass.

    • Gary Empey

      Don’t knock that “stuff that comes out of the Chinese sweat shops.”

      If it wasn’t for those shops I wouldn’t have any Leaf gear at all.

      Hell when that guy from Oshawa fired the Leaf jersey on the ice, it nearly broke my heart. If I was there I would of hopped over the glass to get it. That’s right when it comes to the Leafs I have no pride

      PS… Where are you picking yours up for 10 bucks… I must be getting ripped off. Oh! here’s a little tip for you. No matter what your wife says (unless she is Scotish) never ever ever wash it. Even with all those mustard, ketchup and beer stains. I learned that the hard way. Now my XXXtra large barely fits the cat. (the cat is not exactly happy with that either.) but someone’s got we wear it on Hockey Night in Canada.