Leafs announce 2016/17 Schedule

You can start marking your calendars today, as the Toronto Maple Leafs have officially announced their schedule for the 2016/17 season. There’s a lot to digest here, so let’s break it down.

  • Toronto will kick off their season with a home away from home opener in Ottawa on October 12th, before having their actual Home Opener on October 16th.
  • Before all of that, though, the Leafs will play eight preseason games; only one of which (October 2nd vs Montreal) will come in Toronto. Their other three “home” games will be played in Halifax (September 26th vs. Ottawa), St. Catharines (September 29th vs. Buffalo), and Hamilton (October 7th vs. Detroit). They’ll also play in Saskatoon against the Senators on October 4th.
  • Toronto is home the longest in December (5 games from the 11th to 19th), and on the road the longest in January (6 games from the 25th to February 6th).
  • They’ll play 14 games in November, February, and March; the former two having 8 home games and 6 on the road, while March sees those numbers reversed.
  • For the Hockey Night in Canada crowd, 22 games will be played on Saturday nights.
  • The Centennial Classic, aka the outdoor game against the Detroit Red Wings at BMO Field, will be played at 3PM on January 1st.
  • The Leafs are going to hope for some backup goalie bailouts on nine occasions this year, as 18 of their games are part of a back-to-back sequence.
  • Toronto will face Buffalo and Florida more than any other team, seeing each of them five times.
  • Teams you can only see once at the ACC this year: Carolina, Columbus, New Jersey, the New York Islanders, and the entire Western Conference. Florida will have three appearances.
  • Randy Carlyle returns to the ACC on December 19th, while Frederik Andersen will face the Ducks in Anaheim for the first time on March 3rd, as part of the annual California road trip.
  • Steven Stamkos will face the Lightning for the first time on October 25th and play his first game in his former home building on December 29th.

The full schedule can be found here.

  • Brad Rose

    Surprised they have the home opener against Boston this year and not Montreal. I do like that the first game is the battle of Ontario against Ottawa. Would’ve liked to see more of the western conference teams but c’est la vie.

    • Gary Empey

      The way I look at it is, Ottawa and Boston are in our way in the Atlantic division. We may as well show them who’s the boss and “give it to them” right from the start. As for Montreal. No one is forgetting those wank*ers. They are on the “to do” list.

      I predicted last week the Sabres would panic and start making bad trades. They just made their first one acquiring the rights to Vessey who just told them to get stuffed.