Leafs announce both home openers for 2016-17 season

The NHL schedule for the 2016-17 season will be released in full tomorrow afternoon, but today there’s been a trickling out of teams announcing their home opening dates. And if you’re finally somewhat sick of the annual Leafs-Habs game to kick things off, you’re in luck.

From the Leafs’ official release, we know things will get going at the ACC with a tilt between the Leafs and the not-so-big but definitely bad (at hockey) Bruins on October 15th. But if you happen to be fortunate enough to live in the nation’s capital [hello], the first glimpse of Auston Matthews in a blue-and-white sweater will go down on the 12th in the actual season opener. Though, that game will be just as much a home opener considering the way Leafs fans litter the CTC, and you can ramp that up ten-fold for Matthews’ (and possible Stamkos’) debut. [Oh yeah, Marner too.]

It’s obviously much too early to talk about these games in any real detail, but it’s worth noting Marc Crawford’s return to the NHL will start off against Matthews, who he coached this past season in Zurich. And based on the way that relationship has been covered, no doubt the two have a strong bond and it’ll be a big story that week.

As for the Bruins, they’re a team in transition with a general manager who doesn’t seem equipped to handle it. Their lineup in the fall could be interesting to say the least.

You’ll also notice the games are pushed back late due to the World Cup of Hockey, which is slated to wrap up on October 1st in Toronto.

Check back tomorrow for some notes on the full schedule as it’s released.

  • magesticRAGE

    … where the Leaf’s shiny new weapons (Matthews & Puljujarvy) gets to roam free… and destroy! That day is to far.

    Yes, I mentioned Puljujarvy. Columbus trades their 3rd overall and an unwanted contract; for the 30th, a 3rd, and a prospect (Leipsic).


  • DSP

    So I understand you guys want to draft Mathews, but I am still thinking they are plain dumb to pass up Laine. He is the top prospect bye a long shot. Mathews can’t come close to Laine. Hope the team picks the true top prospect.