Leafs acquire Frederik Andersen from Ducks, signed to 5 year deal

Photo Credit: Christopher Hanewinckel/USA TODAY SPORTS

The Toronto Maple Leafs have bolstered themselves in net today, acquiring Frederik Andersen from the Anaheim Ducks in exchange for two draft picks, including this year’s 30th overall pick.

The 26-year-old Andersen was originally drafted by the Carolina Hurricanes in 2010, but was allowed to re-enter the draft in 2012. The Anaheim Ducks snapped him up from there, seeing potential in his dominant 0.943 season with Frolunda of the SHL. The Dane was immediately placed in the American Hockey league, where he impressed with the Norfolk Admirals in his first North American pro season.

Andersen eventually made the jump to the NHL in 2013/14, backup up Jonas Hiller and posting an impressive 0.923 save percentage over 28 games. He hasn’t hit that mark sense, but for the past two years, he has been Anaheim’s starter, rolling at slightly above the league average in both seasons.

The Ducks were heavily speculated to be interested in moving the 6’4 puck stopper due to the rules involving next year’s expansion draft. Teams are only allowed to protect one goaltender, and the organization is believed to be very high on 22-year-old John Gibson.

Toronto will give up Pittsburgh’s first round pick (30th overall, acquired in the Phil Kessel trade), and their own second round pick in 2017 (to be determined) in the deal.

At first glance, the cost seems a little high, if not unusual for the current Leafs regime. The team has had a recent history of amassing draft picks and building towards the long term, and while they can dictate Andersen’s future with his restricted free agent status, this certainly gives a bit of a “move for the current” vibe to it. Whether that’s a move that’s worth doing is up for debate, but it’s safe to say that the Leafs aren’t looking to stick to the bottom of the standings next year.

Update (5:30 EST)

The Leafs have wasted no time locking up the netminder to a five-year extension. Terms aren’t yet disclosed, though it’s expected that the total cost will come in around $25 million over the length of deal.

  • Metal thrashin dad

    Not sure that it makes a huge difference but as per general fanager the second the leafs gave up is San Jose, so it will probably end up in the 50-60 range.

  • leo101

    As a non leaf fan just watching the leafs rebuild, I think the trade was a decent one. The oilers gave up picks 57, 79 and 184 for Talbot and I think Anderson is a much better goalie. The only thing I find strange is the length of term. 5 years before you ever see him play for your team is a gamble, but it could pay off.

    Goaltending is important. I think Bernier is better than what he’s shown in a leafs uniform and with Anderson you guys are solid in net. Expensive, but that’s not important at this stage in the rebuild.

    • FlareKnight

      I think the deal is just because of the situation. He’s a 26 year old RFA. Maybe only has one more year until he’s a UFA. You don’t pay a first and a second for a guy who can walk in a year or possibly have to pay a fair amount more than 5 per year to keep him around.

      Ideally you’d wait a year with him on the team, but Leafs basically had to commit and pay a bit to get him to give up multiple years of UFA availability.

      I hope it works out. I think Bernier was too inconsistent to be the guy in Toronto. His good was great, but his bad was (first shot in the net many times in a season). I wish Bernier the best if he’s moved this summer or when he likely walks next summer.

    • CMpuck

      No doubt Anderson is MUCH better than Talbot, he’s only 26 and this 5 seasons deal makes him just 28,29, 30 with a team-friendly contract if they have to move him.

      if he hasn’t helped them win the Cup, or make a great playoffs run, trade him. Let Bernier be snapped up by Las Vegas..

      Excellent deal, but not just a Lou move: Shanahan, Babcock, Hunter et al… had a huge say in this.

  • TGT23

    As a non leaf fan just watching the leafs rebuild, I think the trade was a decent one. The oilers gave up picks 57, 79 and 184 for Talbot and I think Anderson is a much better goalie. The only thing I find strange is the length of term. 5 years before you ever see him play for your team is a gamble, but it could pay off.

    Goaltending is important. I think Bernier is better than what he’s shown in a leafs uniform and with Anderson you guys are solid in net. Expensive, but that’s not important at this stage in the rebuild.

  • Gary Empey

    I think one needs to look at this in a logical way. Starting from “how bad is the Leaf organization in the net”

    Do we have a #1 starter? — no

    Do we have a decent backup? — not really unless we move our starter to backup and then he will be overpaid but still a good backup.

    Do we have anyone in the farm system ready to come up? No- both guys there look a couple of years away.

    Do we even have anyone in the CHL that plays goal? — I don’t think so.

    That leaves us up the proverbial creek without a paddle.

    Waiting for Bishop, Flurey, or Howard is not a good plan. They are good but older and all have history of injuries.All of them will cost way more than 5 million

    So for me trading for a 26 year old starter with good stats is a “Dream made in Heaven”

    Was the cost of the trade too much? I don’t know how one could possibly get a goalie of this caliber for less.

    Was the contract he just signed too much? Not when I see average and below average goalies making 4 million and up.

    Was the term too long. 70/30 on that one. There is a 30% chance he is less than advertised but we will have an opening for a backup next year.

    Will he turn out better than advertised. There is a 70% chance at 5 million a year he becomes a bargain.

    I love this trade. I now take back anything nasty I ever said about Lamoriello. I underestimated the man.

    As Bugs Bunny once said…” Carrots wait for no one”

  • jasken

    This is not fasttracking for those who think it is they still have lots of holes to fill and supporting roles to go along with them. Goalie is just the start of a bunch of stepping stones and they are still years away unless by chance they stumble into players that just mesh together.

    I really dont look at a goalies numbers because they change depending on structure and the ability of players. By watching a goalie and see how they can control a puck and reduce opposing teams puck chances with a simple deflection, knowledge of when and when not to smother a puck, the ability to make that important save Andersen has that.

    If your worrying about picks why those picks weren’t the Leafs picks to begin with, it’s like trading in a free ticket now rather than wait a few years to see what you may or may not have won.

    • Gary Empey

      Re- ” Goalie is just the start of a bunch of stepping stones and they are still years away”

      I believe they had lots of holes to fill. Lots of friggin’ bigs holes.

      Last end of season’s biggest holes.

      #1 – Center filled

      Top four defence. Two spots – one filled

      # 1 Goalie – Now filled

      All done in the last six weeks


      Top coach – check

      Good prospect pool – check

  • jasken

    MADNESS!! i thought nothing was happening today. crazy! i don’t like that term… 5 years for a goalie who’s played less than 130 games. looks promising but that’s a huge gamble. at least bernier will finally be gone. hope to see more trades!

  • CMpuck

    hahaha, a week ago I commented on the “21 goalies” article saying I had a feeling Andersen would be a Leaf.

    Now to just have a feeling about next weeks lottery numbers

  • Harte of a Lion

    What everyone seems to forget with all this uncharacteristic bickering is that Lamoriello addressed the number 1/biggest/ glaring problem of the team. Is the price for Andersen too high, both term and trade cost? Could the Leafs have done better? Only time will tell but Matthews, Marner, Nylander and the other young players who will make the team next year need to learn how to win together in a safe environment… There is nothing worse than having no confidence in your goalie because he can’t stop a beach ball. Or playing your guts out for 55 minutes and watch the game slip away over a soft goal. Management had no intention of playing these kids with Bernier in the net, the risks far outweigh the gains.

    This rebuild started April 2014 when Shanahan was hired. The Leafs have done a remarkable job tearing things down and have added three top ten picks in 26 months. Nylander #8 in 2014, Marner #4 in 2015 and most likely Matthews #1 in 2016…(add Rielly @ #5 in 2012 that’s four top ten picks in the past five years) Jake Gardiner @ #17 in 2008 and Kadri @ #7 in 2009 creates an above average foundation of six players 25 and under. Two centres, one a franchise player, two defencemen with a possible #1, and a winger who broke the ppg record for the Canadian Junior playoffs and the Memorial cup. 2.63 ppg over 22 games while winning every MVP award available.

    What’s really astounding is the other talent the team has quietly amassed which includes Zaitsev(FA), Soshnikov(FA), Hyman (trade), Leipsic (trade), C. Carrick (trade) Marincin (trade) C Smith (trade) and many others. With as many as 3 or more Marlies plus Marner and Matthews starting in 2016 for the Toronto Maple Leafs, the team could be the youngest in NHL for next season.

    I have no doubt that the moment they won the draft lottery they looked at their overall talent, their coach, and they decided with a decent goalie they could move from the “rebuild” to “build” stage beginning with a true franchise centre.

    I can’t remember the last time I was this excited to begin a hockey season and this will be my 55th cheering for the Leafs. Between our veterans and the cast of kids, this is going to be a season to remember.

    Zaitsev is going to blow everyone away with how quickly he adjusts to the NHL and how good he is. Adding a top 4, possession driving, right shooting d-man for free fills a huge hole. Adding another in the second Winnick trade drastically changes the backend for the better. Hunwick began the 2015 season as a top pairing guy. Next season he might be in tough as the 7th d-man.

    So… From the 2015 team that was “micro-managed” to finish 30th, to a team adding Matthews, Marner, Nylander, Hyman, Brown, Soshnikov, Zaitsev, C. Carrick, Andersen and perhaps others… with Babcock coaching, and the effort that has come to define his teams, this team should play /500% hockey accumulating around 82 points however if everything comes together they could be a 40 win team, fighting for the last wild card/ likely no playoffs but learning what it takes to win at the pro level. This will be the last season of pump & dump but this year will be for players already signed like Greening, Mikalec, Laich, Bozack and even Lupul if he has a good year.

    I believe the team Management hopes for a large improvement but not so much that trading the veterans for draft picks at the deadline won’t cause a meltdown in fandom. The goal isn’t the playoffs, the goal is a Stanley Cup.

    • Gary Empey

      Sure there is risk signing a goaltender. You only has to look at Montreal. One year they have the best goalie in the league. MVP winner even.

      One year later they are in the lottery for the 1st overall pick.

      • Harte of a Lion

        Gary, I never mentioned risks involved with the signing of Andersen however there is risk getting out of bed each morning. The entire point of my comment was that the signing of Andersen signifies a monumental shift in managements outlook from “rebuild to build” and the possible reasons for that change. I could be wrong but believe I am correct. Last October I predicted the Leafs would finish with 67-68 points for Babcock’s first season…not that it means squat.

        There could be serious injuries, or someone might sleep with someone else’s wife and cause a rift in the room, or Cliff Fletcher might find the keys to the office and trade the #1 pick for Lee Stempniak even though he is a free agent…

        I’ll say it again, this is a team that will reach 82 points next season and could fight for the last wildcard in a perfect storm. The team must take advantage of having three or possibly more young impact players on ELC’s. It is a unique opportunity that must be pursued as long as it doesn’t affect the long term plan which is to build up a substantial minor league talent base at both AHL & ECHL levels. This allows the organization the ability to channel young, cheap and talented players to the NHL team. As seen with Chicago, when players succeed but are no longer viable within the cap structure, they are traded for pick and prospects which refill the minor league system. This should translate into long term success as long as the cap is properly managed.

        Let’s hope in 2, 3, 4 years when we are locking up our young players it doesn’t take $10.5 million plus per player or we will see them shopped for futures.