Announcing the First Ever TLN Draft Party

Auston Matthews not guaranteed; still a remote chance that John Chayka attempts a kidnapping.

We had so fun at our last party, that we’ve decided to throw one again! With the picks set in stone as book-enders (1st and 30th), it’s our pleasure to announce that The Leafs Nation will be hosting our first-ever Draft Night party! Here’s what you need to know.

Last Time

On April 30th, we convened as a group for the first time in site history, assembling to witness the most nerve-wracking game of the season; the draft lottery. After months and months of watching the Leafs get blessings from the PDO gods to just barely become the 30th seed, we crossed our fingers that 20% odds would lead to 100% elation.

It did. We practically tore the roof off of the place in excitement. Shortly after the card flipped, I came out of hiding with the world’s most makeshift Auston Matthews tee. It was awesome. If you missed it, I feel bad for you. But you can redeem yourself.

Round Two

With that said, we’re going to do this all over again. There probably isn’t much speculation about who the Leafs are going to pick first (sorry, one person in the comments who still wants Laine), but there’s still a matter of the Pittsburgh pick at 30th that will leave many debating, especially as players begin to rise and fall. Maybe there’s a trade or two? Oh, and hey, we’ll get to see that sweet new sweater for the first time too!

To add further incentive, we’re going to be giving away some sweet NationGear, and might have some other cool giveaways as well. Members of the TLN Staff will be around, and maybe a few other people. Trivia will be played, and maybe we’ll even do a live rendition of the mailbag. One thing’s for sure, though: it’s going to be a ton of fun.

A Time and A Place

We’re not messing with success. Our last arrangement led to Auston Matthews, so we’ll hope this leads to, say, Laine dropping 28 spots. Probably not, but a website can dream. We’ll be back at The Titled Kilt at 38 The Esplanade next Friday night. As mentioned before, The Esplanade is as good of a location as any for a meetup; it’s a five-minute walk from Union Station, meaning that it’s easily accessible via TTC/GO/Via, which is great for those deciding to drink. 

We’ll be kicking things off around 6:00 PM, giving plenty of time for you to get your first beverage and some dinner in before the various GM’s begin to thank an everlasting list of people for their opportunity to force a teenager to play for their hockey team.

If you’re interested in coming, make sure to say so on our Facebook Event Page! We went into the last event not knowing who would show up, but if we know there’s a good crowd coming, we might be able to up some ante and make this an even bigger night than the last one!

  • DSP

    Just for fun lets consider these 2 moves for the Leafs??

    1) If the Coyotes were crazy enough to do this…..If they want Mathews that bad??

    Toronto: Domi/Strome/OEL/#7/#20
    Coyotes: Leivo/Kapanen/Percy/Corrado/#1/#30

    *Stupid trade for Coyotes but again, if they want Mathews that bad?

    2) Winnipeg might consider this….

    Toronto: Trouba/#2 OA
    Jets: Gardiner/Loov/#7 OA/#20 OA/#57 OA

    3) Sign Stamkos if he doesn’t re-sign in Tampa…..

    4) Draft Laine at #2 and Carter Hart at #31



    Bernier/Carter Hart

  • DSP

    This is such a bad article. Sorry Jeff but I just must say you guys are handicapping the office (all fans included) on what the team should do. Now Auston is going to be a stellar pick no questions as the hope of him will bring what the team has been missing. However they are stuck doing what the mob wants now instead of what may be best for the team as a whole.

    Mathews will be great, and may be their first choice anyhow. However what would happen if the took one of the Finns instead? What would the fan base do? You must remember that in the end management must do what is best as a whole and don’t be mad if they take another route.

  • Brad Rose

    Long time reader but first time leaving a comment. I’m super excited about the future of this team and the upcoming draft this Friday. Thanks for putting this event together guys and giving fans a chance to hang out, celebrate and eat some food.

    On the event page I’m listed as interested and I’ll probably end up showing up; (provided I don’t somehow win a spot at RealSports), so it’ll be nice to meet everyone.

    Anyways keep up the great work!
    Go Leafs Go!