Mitch Marner wins CHL Player of the Year, running out of room in trophy case

Sometimes, a player wins so many awards that you lose count and the excitement kind of tapers off. I think we’re starting to get there with Mitch Marner, but if nothing else, bragging rights will keep it interesting.

There’s not really much else left to be said about Marner’s year. The 19-year-old forward scored 39 goals and added 77 assists in 57 games, earning himself OHL MVP honours. He moved the performance up another needle come playoff time, scoring 16 goals and 28 assists in 18 games in a run where the London Knights clearly dominated.

Now, with the Memorial Cup Final coming up tomorrow, Marner is the favourite to be the named MVP in that tournament as well. He has 2 goals and 11 assists in 3 games, in which he and his teammates appear to be playing something closer to early-morning shinny than a competitive tournament. Unless Christian Dvorak greatly outperforms him or a Rouyn-Noranda player has one of the greatest games in junior history to lead his team to an upset.

For those counting, a player has only won all four trophies (league MVP, league playoff MVP, CHL MVP, and Memorial Cup MVP) once in the history of the CHL. That player was Brad Richards, who was playing in his Draft+2 season. It is worth noting, though, that Corey Perry (Draft+2) and Sidney Crosby (Draft) cancelled each other out in 2004/05; both destroyed their leagues, Perry won Memorial Cup MVP and Crosby won CHL MVP.

Needless to say, if Marner’s range moving forward is somewhere between Brad Richards (a Conn Smythe winner and star player for a solid decade) and Sidney Crosby (a generation talent who likely ends up as a Top 5-10 player of all time), then the Leafs are laughing all the way to the bank.

  • CMpuck

    Strome is still better than Marner though because Dvorak and Tkachuk is karring him, otherwise why would I read that in every trade Auston Matthews to Arizona thread?

  • CMpuck

    it’s the chl not ahl. marner will be an nhl star soon and top offensive player. he’ll be a steal at #4. any other year would have him go #1. we got very lucky in 3/4 of the most recent drafts with rielly falling to 5, nylander to 8 and marner to 4 due to other organizations ineptitude or simply luck of a deep draft.

  • Harte of a Lion

    This kid is Yzerman II and he is going to be a superstar if injuries don’t hold him back. Almost all draft “busts” selected with the first few picks have had their careers derailed by injury issues.

    Let’s hope the Leafs take care with such a valuable asset and make sure he builds enough strength to handle the punishment NHL/professional hockey players deal with. Watching the AHL playoffs, it’s like rolling the clock back to the 80/90’s with all the stick work and head hits. It’s like the gladiators out on the ice.

    To reiterate, this kid will be a star and possibly a superstar if the team is patient.

    Next season he gets his 9 games or possibly more (but less than 40 so he doesn’t burn a year of his ELC) then plays for Canada at the worlds, then finishes the year with London. 2017/18 will be Magic Marner’s coming out party and he will do in the NHL as Matthews right winger what he has accomplished at every level he has played.

  • Mitch92

    Congrats to Mitch Marner on winning the Player of the Year award in the CHL. To be named the best player in all of Junior hockey in Canada is quite an achievement.

    We have now had two of our young kids with potential get their heads taken off in two playoff series. That is what Mitch Marner needs to pay attention to. It is also what the Leaf organization needs to pay attention to.

    Nobody doubts Mitch’s unique offensive ability or his drive to succeed. We worry that he will be the next Johnson or Kapanen because he lacks physical strength and maturity. It is the last piece of Mitch’s puzzle in becoming an NHL superstar and we all want him to reach that potential.