CHL fails miserably in attempt to make tournament tough enough to stop Mitch Marner

As the debate rages as to whether or not Mitch Marner should play with the Toronto Maple Leafs next year or head back to the London Knights, the Canadian Hockey League has done their best to make a case for themselves. While CHL officials insist that this tournament has been around for countless decades and that London’s inclusion this year was merit-based and part of the natural process, it seems rather fishy that a special “Memorial Cup” be hosted in Red Deer, Alberta at such a convenient time.

Clearly, this ‘Tournament of Champions’ was an attempt to give Marner some tougher opponents and make him realize he’s not ready to jump to the pros yet.

It has not worked.

Score Period Time Scorer P-Assist S-Assist Video
1-0 1 13:51 Aaron Berisha Matthew Tkachuk Mitch Marner Link
2-0 1 16:39 Christian Dvorak Olli Juolevi Mitch Marner Link
3-0 1 18:31 Christian Dvorak Olli Juolevi Mitch Marner Link
4-0 2 13:04 Mitch Marner Christian Dvorak Aiden Jamieson Link
6-0 2 18:45 Mitch Marner Christian Dvorak   Link

That’s five points in less than 25 minutes. In his first ever Memorial Cup game, Marner was a point shy of tying a single-game record shared by three players and not touched in the past 24 years. Marner is already a little less than a third of the way to the single tournament points record with three more games to go. That’s pretty, pretty good.

Marner was named the OHL’s regular season MVP after scoring 116 points in 57 games. People didn’t think it would last, so he was named the OHL’s playoff MVP after scoring 44 points in 18 games. If tonight is any indication, he’s well on his way to grabbing a third MVP in the same season. The only two others to do that in the past twenty years? Brad Richards and Corey Perry, who were both on Draft+2 seasons and both became star players.

London ended up winning tonight’s game 6-2, by the way. Marner didn’t get points on either Red Deer goal.

  • a future nhl star. mark my words. there’s no stopping this kid. get out of here crosby…. there’s a new kid coming. mitch the kid! he was 1 point away from having a memorial cup record but hunter rested him the entire 3rd period because they were up 6-2. he could have had at least 7 or 8 points by the end of the night because he had so many close chances to score and he made some spectacular plays. he doesn’t even look like he’s going in 100%. that’s the scary part.

  • Mitch92

    Typical Leaf bias believing that any decision made by the powers that be is intended to make life more difficult for the Leafs (or their prospects). Just enjoy watching Marner dominate and forget about the side speculation.

  • CMpuck

    Loved that Marner showed up Hayden Fleury (thanks for Nylander Ronnie) who is a year older in his development than Mitch. Mitch had a couple bad turn overs on separate PPs but it’s a function of just how much of a puck hog (compliment) he is. Mitch feeding Stamkos will make for a fat score sheet. Especially given Stammer prefers center and Marner the wing.

    Could there have been a more fun prospect to follow this season?

    Looking forward to see Patrick and Provorov tonight, Memorial Cup and World Championship > entertainment than the NHL playoffs right now.

  • FlareKnight

    That was pretty fun. Plus I love the hilarious narrative for this game. Hockey is incapable of slowing down the domination of Marner. He will take down every team in hockey and laugh along the way!

    Great effort and performance though. The guy is just on fire and playing at such a high level.

    And while I thought at points the sarcasm and joking tone was a bit much…..apparently it wasn’t for some people.

    Looking forward to the next tale of Marner glory.

  • FlareKnight

    He looked better than Nylander to me in the last year’s preseason. The ki had an an uncanny ability to anticipate where the pucks are going and he just picks them up, skates away and does crazy stuff to set up his linemates and score. I wonder what percentage of the playing time he has the puck on his stick – it’ ridiculous.

    I sure hope it translates to the next level.