WWYDW: Trading The First Overall Pick

Have you heard?  It turns out the Leafs have the first overall pick in this June’s NHL draft.

The Leafs will probably take Auston Matthews.  Who knows, maybe they’ll even take Patrik Laine.

But what if they didn’t?

Okay, let’s be real.  The Leafs aren’t trading the first overall pick.  Every year we hear these rumors with the team that has the first overall pick.  We hear these little reports about that team being open to the possibility of sort of kind of maybe thinking about entertaining the notion of considering trading the pick if the right offer that was really really really really good came along.  It’s kind of malarkey.

I mean, at the end of the day, the team that gets the first overall pick is always already terrible, and here they are being afforded the opportunity to select a great young player that can single-handedly change the shape of their franchise.  Nobody’s passing that up.

So, today’s question isn’t really WOULD you trade the first overall pick, because you wouldn’t.

Today’s question is, “what would it TAKE for you to trade the first overall pick?”.  In other words, just how damn good does that package have to be for you to legitimately trade the pick, and what would that package look like?

Let us know in the comments, and be sure to provide specific examples.  Whoever has the answer that best resembles what you might see on HF Boards wins.

  • Harte of a Lion

    Unfortunately, unless a potential #1 centre is coming back, the Leafs do NOT trade the pick. It’s fun to speculate on what it would take to move up into the top 10, especially since there are no longer any leaks from the management so here is my 2 cents…

    It would take at a minimum, Pittsburgh’s 1st, our 2nd plus a top prospect not named Marner/ Nylander or one of our better players from last years team and that means JVR/ Gardiner/ are in the mix.
    So… Would you trade JVR, Pittsburgh’s 1st, plus our 2nd (31st) and possibly more to move up into the 5-10 range? Edmonton isn’t trading #4 unless they get back Rielly (or Gardiner+++)

    You need to give to get.

    And for everyone worried about next years defensive core, this kid Carrick will turn heads if he gets the chance…yes, he is still waiver exempt so they might try to trade some other defencemen before bringing him up but I think that he plays so well in camp, they can’t send him down.

    My crystal ball malfunctioned so I can no longer gaze into the future and see the starting line-up for the 2015/16 season but I can see Carrick playing beside Marincin as Zaitsev will be Rielly’s partner before Christmas. His skating is NHL caliber, he reads plays well in all zones and he seems to have a knack for hitting the open man on the fly. Since we acquired him, it has been a joy to watch him grow his game and get better each time he hits the ice. At his point in time, I rate him the Marlies #1 D. LOU strikes again! Thanks D. Winnick, it’s a shame you didn’t win the cup.

  • CMpuck

    Hey…Leafs pick first…A picture of Matthews With The Cup(yeeeah, if they win it…hehe) over his head in a leafs jersey, is going to be one sweet switch up!!!