The Steve Dangle Podcast – May 10, 2016 – Javelin

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On this episode, the guys duke it out over Stamkos, scream about WHL names, and discover Hot Take Mountain.


  • Gary Empey

    Hi guys,

    Just a FYI – the QMJHL isn’t actually higher scoring than other junior leagues anymore (at least not by any appreciable amount).

    I looked it up quickly.

    This year, QMJHL teams scored 3876 goals in 612 games (18 teams, 68 games each) ~ 6.33 goals per game

    This year, OHL teams scored 4618 goals in 680 games (20 teams, 68 games each) ~ 6.79 goals per game

  • silentbob

    Wow, its not often that Adam is the voice of reason and Steve and Jesse are wrong but…….here it is. Adam is 100% right about Stamkos, what he would bring to the team etc…

    And the problem with Jesse’s reasoning – they don’t need him to build a winner – is that it can be applied to any 1 player. Do they need Gardiner to be a winner in 3-5 years? Rielly? Nylander? Marner? Matthews? No – you can make a good argument that, individually, not a single one of those players is NEEDED to be a winner team in 3-5 years.