The Steve Dangle Podcast – May 3, 2016 – Thews

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On this episode – FIRST OVERALL PICK WOOOOOO oh and what that means for the Leafs, plus Bob Hartley, a terrible highlight pack, a terrible internship, and a terrible ROFLcopter.

    • FlareKnight

      Are you jealous, Connor? I understand, buddy. After all, who else can identify more with Auston than you; you who did not get the chance to play for his home town team!

      But, he will get over it, definitely faster than you because he is coming to an org with a better management team (yeah, still!), other talented players who are not beaten down by continuous losing.

      So, hang in there, buddy! You there is a way out for you too, as soon as you get to UFA status. Then, we will welcome you home with open arms!

  • CMpuck

    Love the podcast but hearing you guys talk about the draft… you make fun of how dumb GMs are?

    This is very deep draft, when McCloud, Brown, Jost, Keller are likely available in the teens, when the Leafs might be able to grab Fabbro, Jones or Guathier in the 20s…. very deep 1st round.

    At the time, the entire talk all season was Hall vs Seguin and Hall, the talk was Hall being more NHL ready and Seguin a better in the long term.

    Tavares vs Hedman was a season long discussion of the the elite 1C vs the oversizedd 1D, Duchene was always a distant 3rd but ahead of the Kane and B.Schenn (apple of Burke’s eye). Some tried to beat the drum about Tavares’ skating, even remember the tag line of ‘If NYI takes Hedman look out for deals’ as NYI walked to the podium.

    Don’t mean to be that guy in the comments but cringe when you talk about the draft and present that discussion as savvy.