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The Leafs won the first overall pick!!!! AAAAHHHHH!!!!



  • Bob's Hockey Stick

    Mathews to the Leafs. Gratz on first overall.I hope he pans out and is everything as advertised. Toronto deserves to be a great team. They got a helleva coach and a smart GM.

  • Metal thrashin dad

    Everyone is talking about how the leafs shouldn’t pick laine with the first overall pick, but Steve brings up a really good question… What if the don’t pick Mathews? I will be confused but I don’t think I will be mad… I would assume torontos scouts know more about this draft class then I do, who am I to question who the take first overall? Will leafs fans be pissed if they go off the board?

    • Hockey Buddha

      Laine has had Lemieux comparisions made about him by a few scouts now and he is at the top of a few teams scouting lists. He’s an absolutely talented player, who is in the conversation for first pick. I know Jarri Kuri, ex-Oiler and Finnish legend praised Laine a lot, after watching him play many times.

  • CMpuck

    Not just a 1st OA but one in a meaningful draft class.

    Keep thinking about what Babcock said about the pick all season, ‘do things the right way and good things will happen’.

    • Gary Empey

      Sure we could make a deal. What do you have in mind to send us for him?

      Re- Laine… A lot of people are going to watch him and Matthews in the upcoming world championship games before making their final decision on who should be rated first overall.

      Not that Matthews has tailed-off, it is just that Laine is impoving his game at a rapid pace.