Leafs Post Game: C’mon Man

Just when you think everything is working out according to plan, you remember just how repulsive a franchise the Philadelphia Flyers can be.

Everything laid out perfectly, a regulation loss for the Maple Leafs tonight would have not only clinched 30th overall and the best odds of landing Auston Matthews. On top of that, two points for the Flyers would have made it a lot more likely that one of two loathsome division rivals would have been eliminated from the playoffs. Now what do we get? We have to sweat out two games on Saturday. On top of that, we might have to put up with both Boston and Detroit making the playoffs, something that didn’t look like 24 hours ago. Thanks a lot Philly.

The Rundown

The Flyers came out to a horrendously slow start. With both teams playing their second game in as many nights, you would have thought Toronto was the team that was running on the adrenaline of a playoff push. The Leafs opened the scoring early with another from ‘The Human Conditioner Ad’ William Nylander who after a bit of a rocky start is showing exactly why we should all be very excited about more than just his baby-faced smile.

The crowd then went full-Philadelphia as the boos came raining down on the home team as they entered the first intermission trailing 2-0 after a beautiful breakaway goal from the pride of St. John’s, Newfoundland, Colin Greening.

Things started to look up for the tank as ‘The Guy We Wanted Instead of Kadri’ opened the scoring for the Flyers less than 30 seconds into the second. Brayden Schenn’s goal cut the lead to one and the Leafs were on their heels. But despite being outshot 14-5 the rest of the period, the Leafs were able to increase the lead back to two after a goal from Michael Grabner.

After getting the lead back down to one midway through a dominant 3rd period, the Flyers eventually tied it with the goalie pulled and less than a minute left. Just when you’re ready to flush your season down the toilet, the guy from Scarborough has to come and save the day, Wayne Simmonds sent the game to overtime and got the Flyers a single point to keep them only one behind Boston for the final Wildcard spot with a game in hand.

Of course, this Leafs team can’t even tank right. Jake Gardiner scored a powerplay goal in overtime to pull the Leafs to 69 points and a nice spot tied with the Oilers for 29th place in the NHL.

The Blue Warrior

In a season that has seen numerous players show they are definitely not going to be in the plans for next season, Colin Greening is one that got a second lease on life and is making the most of it. After coming over as a salary dump in the Dion Phaneuf trade, Greening has looked great and if forcing his way into the picture for next season and beyond. He scored his fourth goal in the past four games tonight and has been nothing but a pleasant surprise. 

Down To The Wire

Now we have to wait, 30th place comes down to the games Saturday night. a top-5 pick is clinched but we’re greedy here at Tank Nation. We want last and the guarantee of the best draft lottery odds. What’s worse than sitting through these last few painful games? Having to rely on the Edmonton Oilers to win a game. As horrifying a thought as it is, Tank Nation has to be fans of the Oilers for a night. Lucky for us, that means we get to cheer against the Vancouver Canucks one last night this season Saturday night. 

See You Saturday

It may have taken a step back tonight but until Saturday, the tank rolls on.


  • Harold Ballard

    typical f***ing leafs ruining the tank. can’t lose right. can’t do anything right. could have ended the bruins season for good or possibly the red wings, guaranteed 30th and enhanced their chances of a top 3 pick but they just had to win. now we have to depend on the oilolers to win. at least sparks is in net to end the season so the tank may go out swinging to finish the year strong. all we can do now is hope we lose next game to secure last and the oilers collect a win or some points! another 3 point game for nylander. he was the best player on the ice by far! he’s off to win the calder cup soon. can’t wait!

    • TGT23

      “typical f***ing leafs ruining the tank. can’t lose right. can’t do anything right.”

      Well… I mean, technically they are winning in large part due to some of the kids they’ve either drafted, developed, or brought in. Nylander, for example. So, if this lineup full of kids and projects like Marincin and Corrado are winning, they must be doing something right in developing or recognizing talent, no?

      Maybe I’m just looking for the silver lining.

  • Harold Ballard

    Question: If the Leafs and Oilers win on Saturday they will finish with 71 pts. What will the tie breakers be? Regulation wins? Goal differential? Home/Away records? The “NEW” NHL.com does a bad job at explaining it. Can someone help?

    • BarelyComments

      Nope, ROW, regulation and overtime wins… Essentially it is meant to give a disadvantage to teams who gained a bunch of points from OT loses, regardless the Oilers win the tiebreaker, Leafs would pick 30th…

  • Harold Ballard

    It wouldn’t be the leafs if they didn’t attempt to screw up 30th. Kind of a reverse they just couldn’t win the big one as the leafs couldn’t lose the big one. Has Jake Gardiner ever scored a winner in his career?? Most likely not. One can only hope and pray that the management will indeed start Sparks and play the 4th line 30 minutes and this time finish the FREAKING TANK.

    The canuckleheads will have their final home game against the Oilers and they have been as brutal as the leafs at home. So expect the Canuckleheads to try to placate their restless fans with a spirited effort. Thus the leafs MUST lose in the swamp land.


  • Jeremy Ian

    Hey, c’mon guys. Why blame the Leafs for tank-failure?

    Blame the Flyers for clutch-failure. Totally. The first half of the game they were awful.

    Grabner’s break-away was hysterical. A year of near-futility and he scores finally. Mason was pretty bad.

  • Harte of a Lion

    Come on kids, Babcock stated over and over play hard and hope the hockey gods reward your integrity. Yes I’d like to win Matthews but as long as Edmonton or Montreal don’t get him I’m fine picking one of the big Finns. Guys like Colin Greening are playing for their careers so you can’t blame the effort, as Jeremy Ian so aptly stated, don’t blame the Maple Leafs blame the flyers for choking.

    As far as these rumour from Detrot, I think the leafs should trade for Pavel Datsyuk’s contract, perhaps the contract plus Mantha a first and then have Babcock try to convince him to play out in Toronto and mentor the kids for one year. If he leaves, Detroit is screwed as they have zero cap And players to sign.

    If Freddy the goat continues to improve his skating it looks like we have two good centres with Nylander and Gauthier. I honestly believe we should pass on Stamkos and wait to sign John Taveras in 2018 when the Leafs are ready to make a deep playoff run . Tavares, Nylander, Gautier sounds like a pretty decent group at center.