It’s that time of year when the Leafs have nothing to lose, and all the teams they are playing have everything to lose. It couldn’t have been truer Saturday, as Detroit’s playoff hopes are entirely in their own hands for the rest of the season.

Detroit’s desperation was evident in the first. They dictated the pace (it was boring), and put up the only two goals of the frame. Brad Richards, who apparently plays for the Red Wings, scored at 8:48 on the powerplay, and Mike Green scored one late. 


The second period was a much better showing from the Leafs, who dominated the Wings for the entire 20 minutes. They were rewarded once for their efforts, with William Nylander lapping the entire offensive zone (and group of Wings on the ice) before giving Greening a tap in. 

The third was a lot more like the first than the second, with the Wings having their legs early. Kyle Quincey and his beard scored a couple minutes into the period, a weak point shot that Sparks should have had. Nylander would score with the goalie pulled and a minute left, off a sweet feed from Nazem Kadri. The Leafs would continue to push for the last minute of play, but it was all for naught.


With reports coming out during the second intermission that he might leave for the KHL at the end of the season, leaving his team high and dry and his $7.5 million cap hit on the books, it’s hard not to give this to Pavel Datsyuk. Even though he’s a Red Wing right now, a move like that helps the Leafs and every other team in the division long-term.


The Leafs take on the Florida Panthers at the ACC Monday night. Puck drop is at 7:30. 

  • jimithy

    what a classy win by a classy team amirite. datsyuk is all class and will leave his classy organization with his classy $7.5 million cap hit to go to the classy khl. all class. classy loss for the tank too. overall, a classy night. class.

  • jimithy

    Good for Kadri crosschecking Glendenning in the face after the ref no calls Glenndenning’s nasty stick work to kadri. These refs are just clueless as times.

    • Bleedblueandwhite

      I looked at the crosschecking replay from multiple angles and in my unbiased opinion, the refs got this wrong by giving Kadri a penalty. Glenndenning was diving and should be fined for embellishment

      • Harold Ballard

        I could care less if the call was right or wrong. My point is that he needs to be more composed and poised if he wants to be the centre he thinks he can be. Elite players don’t take penalties like that.

    • Gary Empey

      What’s unacceptable is the referees blatantly ignoring kadri getting manhandled for a few games there. Kadri getting fined for diving is ridiculous the league should get fined for not calling obvious penalties because the refs felt slighted because the media claims he dives. Kadri is a small player who weaves in and out of traffic a lot. Thus drawing penalties. This whole diving thing started getting cooked up after a broadcast where I believe mike Johnson had been giving PRAISE for the way he draws attention to himself while he is being impeded. Showing several clips of him throwing his head back when he is obstructed or spinning around when his legs were clipped in traffic. Shortly after this other broadcasters started to speak on this and refer to it as diving. Soon after this yet more broadcasters started to out and out call him a diver. Now il admit at this time he seemed to be going down easy. But I would not call it diving. Good on the refs to keep it fair tho. The media starts saying he’s a diver allllllll year of course the refs will notice. But not calling penalties on infractions against him is a much worse thing because it leads to things like the glendenning incident. I hate that call, the retaliatory call because of this. If you don’t call the first play on glendenning you better call both because the only reason kadri runs after him to cross check him is because he’s infuriated that the ref who is standing In front of him watching this hasn’t made a clear call. Call them both not jus the guy you are so obviously keying on instead of doing your job. CALL THE GAME NOT THE PLAYERS

  • Harold Ballard

    Obviously Detroit is desperate to keep that long, long, long, playoff appearance streak alive. For the leafs another defeat which keeps them tied for last place so in that sense a good solid tanking.

    Nylander showing that he will be a future star in the N.H.L. Hopefully the club can tank it the rest of the way. Oh sure I get the pride factor as obviously the players don’t want to lose. But this is a critical draft for the leafs as they lay the pillars for the return to Stanley Cup contention. Thus in my humble opinion a top four pick is a necessity. Only thing standing in their way is how they do in their remaining games and hopefully the Canuckleheads will roll over and allow the Edmonton youngsters to get a win, most likely at home.

    Tank leafs Tank. Tank leafs Tank.

  • jimithy

    The Canadian teams have the worst play by play announcers in the league. That’s why all the Canadian teams suck. And then there’s Strombolopolos. The Americans are so much more professional. Canada, it’s like the announcers are like wannabe hollywood stars or something,

    • Harold Ballard

      In reality there are few good broadcasters and colour commentators in the entire league. There are no Danny Gullivans or Jimmy Robsons out there. My main beef is I’m tired of Joe Smuck who spent a third of a season in the league or some bum of the month back up goalie who never won anything in his career trying to tell us what the players are feeling in the finals four and Stanley Cup finals. These guys like Healey , Garrett, Tomlinson, Bowen’s partner Jim what ever his last name is and others won nothing, nada, zilch in their careers.

      Bring on guys who are articulate and get this actually were winners. What a concept.

      • MatsSundin#13

        I used to think he always had a hate-on for the Leafs, but recently I’ve come to appreciate Ray Ferraro’s color analysis. Whenever the game feed is from TSN I enjoy the broadcast.

        • Harold Ballard

          Mats you scored a hat trick on that one as Ferraro from day one has been outstanding in passing on his hockey knowledge. The guy obviously was a smart player on the ice and doesn’t try to b.s. his comments. He is a straight shooter as a broadcaster which is rare today.

          His first week on the job I got a chance to inform him that I thought he was a natural at broadcasting.

          Did you hear his line about a hockey hit in which he said the guy was setting a new world record in the hundred indoors but the wall was only 50 yards.

          A wicked sense of humour and he doesn’t suffer fools.

        • jimithy

          Mike Johnson is enjoyable, too. Seems like a super nice guy, gives you the players’ angle, keeps things positive (isn’t a critical dck like Healy). Bonus points for having been a Leaf and having late-90s Leafs stories to share once in a while.

    • Jeremy Ian

      There are some excellent announcers for Canadian teams, but having said that I too feel that the whole Sportsnet production of Hockey is like a staged performance whereby the talking heads take the emphasis away from the game. Some good analysts, but the production has the wrong emphasis, the game should be first.

  • Gary Empey

    The play by play broadcast are pitiful. The producers have them reading limp scrips on monitors while the frigging game is being played.

    The whole idea is to make broadcasters/reporters the star of the game.

    How many times have we listened to them telling a story and a stoppage of play occurs. Then they says it’s an icing call, maybe it was a hand pass, then they say wait it is a penalty. Then they say we are not sure who it is against but we will find out and let you know when we come back from commercial break. I suspect while the commercial is on they have to ask someone what happened,

    It looks to me that the producers (who are not fans of the game), are hoping to create a castrated Don Cherry. They are feeding this crap to fans that are very passionate about hockey

    They seem to miss to the reason Cherry is so popular. It is because he has WATCHED the game and he has the balls to say what he thinks. Even if we don’t always agree with him, a lot of us like to hear his opinion.