Leafs Postgame: Leafs Lose!



  • Pretty good first period for the Leafs, who really asserted their will for most of the period outside of the first couple of minutes.  All their good play paid off late in the period when Ben Smith deflected in a weak angle shot from Colin Greening.
  • What goes up must come down.  Where the Leafs were strong in the opening period, the Bruins were even better in the second.  Patrice Bergeron scored his 29th early on the powerplay, and a few minutes later Zdeno Chara backhanded a shot in past Bernier in front.  2-1 Bruins after two.
  • The Leafs made a great push at the end of the game to tie it.  Babcock even pulled the goalie with a whopping 3:48 left on the clock.  But it wasn’t meant to be.  It took them three minutes, but the Bruins eventually got their empty-netter.  3-1 final, and just like that, the Leafs’ run of wins is over.

Some other thoughts on this game and on the Leafs in general…

  • A couple of Leafs forwards I liked tonight were P.A. Parenteau and good ole Willy Nylander.  As you might expect in a game where the team only scored one goal, neither was particularly dominant.  But they were good.  Good game for Bozak, too, who was in his second game back from a concussion.
  • On defense, really liked Connor Carrick.  Seemed like he was driving play all night.  I wish he’d get a bit of the Martin Marincin treatment wherein he gets some legitimate top-four ice-time and competition.  We’ve seen that he can handle sheltered minutes, so let’s see if he can handle more.
  • Apparently he actually has 5 points with the Leafs already, but Milan Michalek has been close to invisible in every game I’ve watched of his with the Leafs.  I wonder how much of a buy-out candidate the Leafs consider him to be right now.
  • Seems like you either love him or hate him, but I can’t say I’m a big fan of Connor Brown.  I think he just doesn’t have enough in other areas to overcome his lack of skating ability.


    He’s been great of late and he was great again tonight.  Jonathan Bernier stopped 29 of 31 shots, and gave the Leafs a great chance to come back and win the game.  He’s your Blue Warrior.


    The Leafs are in Tampa Bay on Monday to face the Lightning at 7:30PM Eastern on Sportsnet Ontario.

    • JB#1

      Post concussion Bozak has become a corsi superstar.

      Bozak owned Krecji tonight puck possession wise while Bergeron toyed with Kadri. This is the opposite of what we saw under Randy. I’m confused

    • Meathead25

      Now that was more like it. A good solid tank as the Canuckleheads are not only losing games but they don’t score in the games. So the defeats have to keep a coming. Fortunately the hopeless Oilers and Canuckleheads play each other twice late in the years so we can hope for a couple of o.t. games for those two losing teams.

      Bernier deserved the blue warrior this evening.

      A happy Easter to all the regulars in here.

    • JB#1

      Shawn, about a decade ago I got to watch the world junior hockey championships out here in God’s country. Now the Canadian team was very strong with a young goalie that the leafs had drafted in the third round, a kid by the name of Justin Pogge. He was very good in the tournament. But the best goalie in the tournament and in fact the best player in the tournament was a young Finnish goalie by the name of Tuukka Rask. Imagine my delight when the leaf management at that time selected this brilliant young goalie in the first round as the 21st pick.

      But the leaf management being the leaf management didn’t even allow this future star one freaking, stinking, lousy start for the leafs in a regular season N.H.L. game. No, no the genius leaf management that included good old Cliff Fletcher stupidly traded in their own division to get one year wonder boy Andrew Raycroft who became a human sieve for the leafs.

      Well Mr. Rask since that deal is 15 wins 3 defeats versus the leafs including tonight’s victory.

      You really, really wonder why this sordid ownership has been in a bog for going on 50 years. Well look no further than Tuukka Rask.

      • JB#1

        There have been MANY trades by the Leafs over the years that would cause one to scratch one’s head, but the Rask trade was a real stinger that keeps on giving – even to this day.

        This is exactly the type of scenario I can see playing out again if we start trading away some of our younger kids before knowing exactly what they are.

        It’s one thing to lose good players when you have better players to replace them, just ask Chicago, but you don’t want to be trading away kids who might turn out to be another Rask in waiting.

        Here’s a painful way to wile away an Easter Sunday – trying to figure out where the Leafs would be now if they had held on to Rask.

        • JB#1

          JB#1 well said. One can only hope that the new managment that has had success at winning and wheeling and dealing , especially leaping Lou will be intelligent enough to avoid the mistakes of gophers like Nonis, J.F.J. and old Cliff Fletcher. At least they are being paid like they are practically mistake proof. Time will tell, but if there is one truism when you deal. You simply don’t deal in your own division.

          • JB#1


            I have a lot more faith in the current Leafs’ management group than I ever had in any of the prior groups you mentioned. If they’ve decided to move on from some of the current prospects, I am fine with their decision.

            If they decide to try and trade their way to a better team this off-season, which is one part of the rebuild process, at this moment, I would be more comfortable trading a more established player like Kadri or JVR, since I feel I know what they are, than trade some of the kids who are still potential unknowns.

            That’s not to say that I think some of the kids are better players right now than Kadri or JVR, the reality is that you have to give value to get value.

            I remember something Babcock said way back near the beginning of his time here. He said, and I’m paraphrasing, that the Leafs are no longer interested in promoting their talented players from the Marlies into a 4th line role with the Leafs. If they are going to get promoted, they are getting promoted either into or as close as possible to the ultimate role they are seen filling.

            So for example, Nylander has earned his promotion and he was brought up to play 1st/2nd line, which pushes players like Kadri and Bozak down into places where they are better slotted. 2C for Kadri and 3C for Bozak.

            If the Leafs are lucky enough to land Matthews, then that should push Nylander down to 2C, Kadri 3C, and Bozak either becomes your 4C or is used as a possible trade chip.