LGD: Basement Flames

Johnny Gaudreau, Colborne, TJ Brodie, Lance Bouma
Wotherspoon, Ramo, Mark Giordano
Ferland, Ladislav Smid, Bollig and Frolik
Dougie Hamilton, Bennett, Boring Sean Monahan

Flames are a tire fire
It was always burning
Since Hartley’s returning
Flames are a tire fire
No we didn’t light it
but we don’t want to fight it


The Leafs are coming off the high that only a win against Buffalo can give you. Tonight will be the fourth game of their six game homestand, and with games against Anaheim and Boston to close it out this is probably the best shot at seeing a Leafs win this week.

Injuries continue to plague the Leafs so we could see this entire lineup turnover if the MLSE cafeteria serves particularly hot soup today, but for now Soshnikov, Bozak, Komarov, and Holland are some of the key names you can expect to be scratched.

Lineups via Dailyfaceoff.com

The Flames are an exciting young team filled with potential that have a boat anchor attached to them named Bob Hartley. Monahan, Bennett, Gaudreau, and Hamilton are ideal building blocks for the future. Backlund, Frolik, Brodie, and Giordano aren’t too shabby either. The supporting cast could use one or two more key players but this is a team that shouldn’t have any difficulty beating up on a crippled and inexperienced Leafs team.

Lineups via Dailyfaceoff.com


No matter what you think of Hiller, his gear is some of the best in the league and it will be a fun treat to stare at those beautiful KOHO pads all night.

What to Watch For

  • These are two terrible teams, there really isn’t a good reason to watch this game. With Soshnikov out, all the pressure will be on Nylander to provide entertainment value as he faces his hometown team.
  • I guess we can expect points from Stajan and Colborne tonight.
  • After tonight there are only ten games left. I’m looking forward to end of this one so the season starts feeling close to ending.
Game starts at 7:30 PM ET and can be found on TSN 4 or Sporpsnet West

    • TGT23

      He got a bit banged up after that hit he threw. Looked like he got the worst of it. Sure enough. Sucks cause that kid isn’t afraid to throw everything at the net.

    • 99 NOW 97

      News Flash ! Connor Mcdavid. Dont need Auston. He will be trade Bait or the pick will. But you know…We will win the pick !

      Id take any of the next 2-3 picks..OILERS Will win no matter What the outcome.

      PS Toronto-

      Connor Mcdavid ! does it not still piss you off he is in Edmonton !
      That dump ! The place thousands of you morons out east have come to work to support your families, yes even now in this economy.

      It will return , as will the OILER DOMINATION.

      Hey Tarawna ! wanna trade ? meh , you have zero anybody wants and you know it.

      Eat it Toronto.

      Oh yes ! You have Babcock. good coach , but needs actual players.

      Go RAPTORS !

      • 99 NOW 97

        Is there an oilers fan guide book that instructs you all to be as annoying as possible as often as possible?

        They had a show “oil change” about the oilers rebuild, right? Didnt it get cancled after like 6 seasons of rebuilding? Has it been 10 years now of oilers rebuild? Must be close at least. Congrats you got mcdavid! The rest of the team is so great too youre almost dead last again!

        In a couple years when both toronto and calgary are good, endmonto will still be an easy 2 points every game. Shut mcdavid down its game over. Go home

      • G2

        I feel sorry for you, you are so small and pitiful. However many first picks out of the last however many years – still the Leafs strongest competition for dead last. But you want to strut like you got something. You’re sad, good luck in life.

      • JB#1

        There, there, don’t blow a gasket.

        We in T.O. are OK with you taking care of good local boy McDavid for us for the next few years – until we come by to take him off your hands with an offer sheet.

    • TGT23

      Sticking it to Oiler fans? I respect that.

      Check out Stephen Burch. He wrote an article about it, how Marincin’s skill at repressing shots, high quality scoring chances, and goals, make him a good potential top pairing D. Especially with offensive leaning Morgan Reilly to take puck moving responsibilities away to limit his… weakness.

      • CMpuck

        Thanks, that and tired of NJ fans claiming their top four is elite and giving dumb charts, a bit of satire for them.

        Apparently none of their blueliners get a second of PP time or an offensive zone start so their great?