What was your favourite Leafs trade?

The trade deadline has come and gone, and while Toronto wasn’t at all active on deadline day they still accomplished a tremendous amount of work in the months leading up to it. In total, 12 bodies and one draft pick were moved out by the Leafs and 11 bodies (three of them prospects) and six draft picks came back the other way.

Was it a great effort by Toronto’s front office? Absolutely, but we know that not all trades are made equal. Which was your favourite? Which did you hate? Let us know below…

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  • TGT23

    The easy pick is the Dion Phaneuf trade but I think the best was the Roman Polak/James Reimer deal (which I’m adding into one trade).

    Polak and Reimer for TWO 2nd’s and a 4th (the other pieces were just sort of throw-in’s, IMO. Spaling for Torres and Smith).

  • Benjamin

    I’m still not sure why they got rid of Panik, wasn’t thrilled with that move and specially after they threw in Morin with the Reimer deal. As for the rest of the moves. *High five* ??

    • Harte of a Lion

      He and Babcock didnt click at training camp for some reason so his time was numbered. Obviously he wasn’t in high demand or there would have been more takers and a better return. Guess Lou wanted to give Morin a crack, he has tons of potential but there must be something wrong with the guy, traded 5 times before his 25th b-day. Panik was a freebie, waiver p/u from Tampa. I liked him last year and this year with the Marlies however Lou, Shanny and Babs know more than I do so if they decided his time was up. Okie dokie!

  • Benjamin

    The two second round picks for Polak and Spaling sounds good, but the best move by a long shot is the moving of the $7million contract and getting back a prospect and 2nd round pick, that were not mentioned in the options above. That was a master stroke, move some contracts and get fresh pick/prospect.

  • Harte of a Lion

    1. Phaneuf. 2. Polak/Spalling. 3. Winnik

    Everyone talks about getting out from under Phaneuf’s contract or the draft pick however…For those who follow the Marlies, Lindberg is about to come into his own playing with more talented players. The Leafs targeted him specifically in the trade. Consider that they could have had Prince instead but chose Lindberg…. (won the memorial cup with the D.J.Smith & the Generals in 2015) and perhaps some Thommie Berghman input?

    They tried him with Nylander and Kapanen but he was attempting to be too fancy so they moved him down the lineup to play with Gauthier and Soshnikov.
    That is the most dangerous 4th line in the AHL.
    With all the call-ups, today they moved him up to play with Carrick/Brown and Colin Smith. He scored twice against Albany , hit a post in the third, and has looked dominant.

    Excellent return for Polak/Spalling, two 2nd’s. (add another 2nd to the Kessel haul/ Kapanen, Harrington, 1st, 2nd, 3rd)

    Babcock is a fan of Laich and he will add another steadying veteran influence to the kids this year and next. Hopefully Babcock can help him rediscover some scoring (career around .5 points a game before this season) so he can become another 2nd at next years deadline.
    Connor Carrick looked good last night, plays bigger than his size, good skater, pin point passing, seems to have a good hockey IQ.

    So, if I told everyone yesterday we can trade Winnick for two seconds and a right shot B prospect d-man, you would have asked what I was smoking…


  • Gary Empey

    I thought the “Daniel Winnik and a 5th to Washington for Brooks Laich, Connor Carrick and a 2nd”, was the smartest/best trade.

    A 30 year old, versatile, Winnik was having an off year due to nagging injuries. He had scored 4 goals in 56 games.

    Tremendous value in that return for what we gave up.