• Meathead25

    Willie, Kasperman both impressed. First time I’ve seen Soshman and Hymanman ( other than clips of goals) and was impressed by both. I liked Soshman’s game and boy does he have a shot. Hyman dragging the puck and a defender to the net looked a little like JVR, (a little) but over all I was impressed with all 4 of the newbies. Last time I was this excited for the Leafs was when we first traded for Phil. Back when I was young and dumb, I’m much older now.

    P.S. I’ve never missed a podcast. Should have gone to a game, we would have waited a day for the regular podcast day, if you’re seeing Willie’s et al first NHL game.

  • Rod

    The 1st time I saw Zach Hyman live was the 1st day of training camp in Halifax and he impressed me right away. I really thought that he would make the team right out of camp. I’ve been following his development ever since, and his 1st NHL game didn’t disappoint.