LGD: Staal-ed

It’s another day on the slow march to the trade deadline. After that, I’m not sure what we have for the final month and a half, but I hope it’s filled with interesting prospect assessments, and a resurgence in the Oilers that clinches the Leafs the 30th overall position.

Tonight, we’ll focus on getting the Canes a win. While I understand actively cheering against the Leafs is in poor taste, a Canes win tonight keeps them in the playoff hunt and possibly keeps players like Eric Staal from clogging the seller’s market that the Leafs are looking to exploit.

The Leafs

The kids continue to be the draw for the Leafs. Leivo and Leipsic are reasons for optimism, and Loov and Percy aren’t really out of place as a Leafs bottom pairing either.

Really not a whole lot say here, I hope the scouts in attendance see something in this one game that inspires their teams to overpay for P.A. Parenteau.

Lineup via Dailyfaceoff.com

The Canes

As I mentioned in the intro, the Canes are doing just well enough that they can’t pull the plug on the season. They’ll need to sell tickets down the stretch and even if failed close call on the playoffs will be a better financial decision for them than selling off assets.

Whether any of that translates to motivation for the players, I don’t know, but as long as they don’t knock the Penguins out of their playoff spot, I can’t say I’m concerned about where they end up.

Lineup via Dailyfaceoff.com

Starting Goaltenders



What to Watch For…

  • Which lucky Leaf gets to wear an ‘A’ on their jersey tonight
  • How does Kadri carry the team this game?
  • How does Kris Versteeg respond to returning to the arena where he was the unfortunate victim of having his car written on in dust?
  • Maybe they’ll show Lou on the phone and we can feel like something that matters is gonna happen.

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Here’s today’s featured bet: To Score A Goal – Nazem Kadri

I (and by I, I mean Jeff, who has hijacked the end of this pregame) feel there’s a good chance that Kadri snaps his goal goalless drought tonight. The centreman reversed a five-game pointless streak with two consecutive games of two assists against Philadelphia and Nashville, and has been dangerously close to scoring throughout. Cam Ward isn’t what he once was, and Kadri snapped his early-season drought against him in November:

The odds are 4.45 to 1 on him scoring, and 1.17 to 1 on him failing to do so. There’s some potential there. Have fun, and remember to gamble responsibly!

  • Gary Empey

    go out swinging p.a and everyone else! please grabner, score a f***ing goal!!! do something and get us some return for you. i won’t watch this snore inducing game.

  • Gary Empey

    Why not post the game time, location, broadcasters (tv, radio)? You guys always include lots of great information, but leave out essential details that I have to check elsewhere.

  • Gary Empey

    @ Jon Steitzer–Re- “actively cheering against the Leafs is in poor taste.”

    Not only is it in poor taste it would make you a disloyal, faithless, irresponsible, pathetic, abhorrent, snake.