WWYDW: What Oilers Would You Trade For?

The Edmonton Oilers are a pretty silly organization, all things considered. Having four recent first overall picks, Leon Draisatl, Jordan Eberle, and Darnell Nurse, the Oilers should, by most accounts, be a better team than they are.

And yet, they’ve never once made the playoffs in the Taylor Hall era, having done a very poor job of supplementing their core pieces with talented depth players.   

It’s about time they did something else stupid, and moved one of their bigger-name talents for less than they’re worth.

Yesterday, this report came out. It’d make the most sense that they’d be looking to move a forward in exchange for a defenceman, but it’s also a possibility they’re looking for a forward swap

The Oilers aren’t in any rush to improve for this season as it’s already a lost cause, and may be looking at offseason moves rather than deadline ones. (See here for their salary cap situation).

Who do you want from the Oilers? What do you give up? Why?

Some additional thoughts to ponder:

Is moving Jake Gardiner or Morgan Rielly worth it if you can land a player like Taylor Hall? Do you consider a move for Yakupov to see if you can turn him around? Would it be worth moving JVR or Kadri for a younger talent like Draisatl? Is Edmonton misvaluing some of their other players that you think could be an asset? Do the Leafs package one of their many picks acquired from this season into an established NHLer? 

One caveat: Connor McDavid is off-limits, unless you’re a genius in negotiations. Or Lou Lamoriello, maybe.

Post your best takes in the comments below.

  • TGT23

    Gardiner for Hall yes. Reilly no.
    JVR for Draistl or RNH yes (only because they’re younger and are centers).
    Kadri for anyone on that list except maybe Yakupov.

    That being said I doubt the Oilers would do any of those trades.

      • jimithy

        I agree the oilers wouldn’t do that trade. I even said as much. That doesn’t mean I’d trade anything more than that either. That’s why a deal between the oilers and leafs won’t work. They’re not trade matches.

  • TGT23

    Lou lamariello signs Kovalchuk. Convinces uses CBA loopholes to convince New Jersey he’s 27. New Jersey signs to him an illegal contract and forfits their first round pick. Loophole Lou uses the CBA to convince the NHL they were played by New Jersey and acquire the first round pick. Edmonton wins the lottery. Edmonton, scared of failing another first overall pick, trade down to second with Buffalo. Tim Murray does drugs and doesn’t pick Matthews. Everyone thinks Auston Matthews must be injured permanantly, so no one picks him, until Lou Lamariello picks him with New Jersey’s pick. Out of outrage, Edmonton fans demand they acquire Matthews. Lou Lamariello signs a random citizen with the last name Matthews, and trades him to Edmonton for McDavid. Lou wins. Lou always wins.

  • Gary Empey

    RNH for Pitts 1st round pick and SJS 2017 2nd round pick?

    I’d also consider RNH for JVR like @MST suggested.

    Overall, there are very few elite Oilers players that I’d want because most of them seem to have attitude issues or they’re major defensive liabilities. RNH is an exception.

    Either way, I’d be careful when dealing for an Oiler.

  • Harold Ballard

    I don’t think they should make any “big” trades until after July 1st or at the least the draft. We could possibly (best case) end up with Stamkos, Matthews, Marner and Nylander by July 1st. That changes a lot up front.

    However, aside from Rielly, Nylander and Marner (maybe even Kapanen) plus any 1st round picks in the next few years, I would trade any roster player(s) for Hall as long as it didn’t impact the Marlies too negatively.

  • Harold Ballard

    What does edmonton need most?? DEFENSE. I think that is pretty clear. What does Toronto have for defense? Reilly and Gardiner. If Reilly is off the table, then Gardiner is all we have and I don’t know that he has enough value to even get Yakupov. Realistically, Toronto is not the best trade partner for Edmonton right now.

  • If I’m the Oilers I would be trading some of the top forwards for defensemen like Hamonic, or Shattenkirk or Trouba or other top D that have been in the rumour mills.

    A better option though would be to trade a top forward for a package of smaller role players that each bring something unique that the Oilers need. All they have is top line scorers who want to score. But someone has to get the puck out of their end, to go to the corners to dig out pucks, to kill penalties, to shadow the other teams top line and shut them down. Good teams are good not just because of their one or two stars but for all the sacrifices and hard work of the whole team.

    You can’t build a top team just with 1st overall picks. And the Oilers have proven this. We leaf fans should keep that in mind in the rebuild.

  • definitely wouldn’t give up a top 2 defenceman for another top line winger. gardiner is an elite two way top 2 defenceman. hall may put up similar production to marner/nylander in the nhl. i wouldn’t do it. i wouldn’t trade rielly for him either unless another top pick is involved.

    • Whoa. We haven’t seen Gardiner play successfully in the top two yet. This year Reilly has gone up against the other team’s top lines and take all the hard assignments. Gardiner was on a second pairing sheltering Phaneuf and doing so against lesser competition.

      Gardiner’s numbers from last year against top competition weren’t elite. Come back after Gardiner has played a top two role (successfully) and maybe I’ll agree with you.

      In the mean time if the Oilers were stupid enough to trade us Hall for Gardiner I’d do it. Only because we could probably flip him for a proven top line D man and a high level pick or prospect. But that ain’t happening so I’m not holding my breath.

  • Jeremy Ian

    Lesson from the Oilers’ mess (the Leafs have their fair share of lessons, too, for the Oilers fans who feel unjustifiably beat up) is you have to build a team. Teams are not made by adding pure talent. That means that the Leafs should not be giving up the pieces of their puzzle just because they appear to be one-to-one talent swaps.

    So, those who want to defend Gardiner and Rielly are totally right. Unless what’s coming back to the Leafs is really a significant upgrade.

    We have our own history to make, and I don’t want ours to get entangled with the mess in Edmonton.

  • Jeremy Ian

    I’d take a flyer on Schultz. Maybe partnering him with his old defense partner Gardiner and giving him a new start under Babcock could turn him around. It’s worth a shot for the rest of our lost season. And the oilers would give him away practically by the sounds of it. Maybe hunwick for schultz and a second or 3rd rounder would work for both sides. Plus hunwick would make the oilers better this season which would help our draft position.

  • TGT23

    Honestly, I’d rather not give up Jake Gardiner, Morgan Reilly, or Nazem Kadri. I think Babcock has them playing some of the best hockey of their careers and Gardiner is becoming a legit Top 4, Kadri is becoming a legit #2 C with upside, and Reilly is developing on schedule.

    JVR I wouldn’t hate trading, though I do like his contract and skillset. I’d love to see him net to Nylander or on a line with Kadri and Leipsic/Marner.

    Realistically, I don’t think we get someone like Hall but I think Yak can be traded for. I’m just not sure I care for the price of doing that trade now that I’ve seen how good some of these guys can become.

  • TGT23

    Gardiner + 2nd round pick in 2017 (Ottawa or San Jose), 3rd round pick in 2016 for Draisaitl seems completely fair. Draisaitl has a really high ceiling and it wouldn’t be giving up on a lot because the ridiculous amount of picks that the Leafs possess.

  • Honestly, Eberle should be the one moved. RNH would be good centre depth behind McDavid. Leon could play wing.

    I wouldn’t trade Gardiner unless your’re getting back RNH, Hall isn’t being moved!

    I would consider adding Connor Brown and one of those SJS 2nds for Yakupov. Could payoff really well if Yakupov could put it together behind Babcock.

    • I would put the odds of Brown turning out to be a better player than Yakupov at 70%. When I mean better I mean all around and not just scoring.

      So no I would not trade Brown for Yakupov, let alone Brown and 2 2nds for Yakupov!