Report: Leafs have “kicked tires” on Bryan Bickell

As we’ve mentioned in a number of posts recently, the Leafs are a team with a lot of cap flexibility and basically have an endless flow of money, so expect them to continue this trend of taking on dead money to accumulate other assets up to the deadline and into the summer. Already we have Torres, Cowen, Greening – players with short term but problematic cap hits – and there’s likely more on the way.

Another player that fits this bill is Bryan Bickell out of Chicago. He’s currently in the AHL and carrying a tag of $4-million annually, which the Hawks obviously want to get away from, especially since they’re always looking to keep loading up for a Cup run. They’ve already been linked to some big names like Andrew Ladd, Eric Staal, and Loui Eriksson. 

According to Kevin McGran at the Toronto Star, the Leafs have asked about acquiring Bickell, no doubt proposing to Stan Bowman that they’ll take him off the Hawks’ hands and give them some cap relief into next season. But that’s going to come at a price, and Lamoriello will be looking for a decent draft pick, prospect, or young roster player to make it worth it. 

Toronto could also help Chicago out even more in the short term, as P-A Parenteau would be a nice fit for the Hawks as a rental, so perhaps a bigger deal can take shape.

As for exactly what Bowman could toss in to get relief from Bickell’s contract, it’s tough to say. The Hawks have some promising young players on their roster, most notably Teuvo Teravainen, but he’s obviously a major longshot and would have to be part of something much bigger. 

There are some other prospects in the minors, like Marko Dano, Mark McNeill, and Ryan Hartman, who would probably be more logical targets in a deal like this. Otherwise we’re talking draft picks, and the Hawks own eight this season (six of their own, and picks from Columbus and Florida).

A deal like this would make a lot of sense for the Leafs since it aligns with their plan of essentially buying assets with their cap space. General managers have talked about using this tool in the past, but it’s great to see one finally put it to work. 

  • SEER

    No thanks… He’s big, with weight.., but after ten years in the NHL/AHL.. he should be better than he is.. I would rather wait for any players available after Draft Day.. and try to shed as many unwanted contracts before than.. Not take on more.. , right now..


    Pump for tonight’s game.. and/or trades…. : )

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    ..And yet another new 2016 NHL Draft Prospect video… Have to say, that this guy rmenids me a little of Malkin, but with the possibility of being even larger in size, if he keeps growing.. He was 6′ 3″ & 213 pounds, at 16.. and is now a year older and a a year bigger..! Looks like he is a real good set-up guy..

    Logan Brown/
    Center/ shoots L/
    Born Mar 5 1998/ Chesterfield, MO/
    17 yrs. ago/
    Height *6.05/ Weight *218

    RECENT STATS: (*Up to Feb. 23rd 2016)

    2014-15 Windsor Spitfires – OHL
    56 Games… 17 Goals… 26 Assists… 43 Points… -8
    2014-15 Team Canada Red U-17 – WHC -17
    5 Games… 2 Goals… 2 Assists… 4 Points… +1
    2015-16 Windsor Spitfires – OHL
    48 Games… 12 Goals… 43 Assists… 55 Points… +19 *PPG+

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  • bickell for a late 1st + top prospect/good young roster player or don’t talk to the leafs. he’s owed $4m for this year and next and the Hawks are in big cap trouble. they need to resign some pieces. 1st + teuvo teravainen or a 1st and ville pokka + 2nd for bickell.

  • JVR would fit with Chicago.. for some quality picks prospects and not so quality salary dumps. Also Kadri to Washington for similar return.

    Babcock was signed for 8 years for a reason, plan is not short term and these guys are old guard regardless of skillset.

    What are top 5 destinations for Reilly? Okay that may be going too far.

  • The Hawks should be willing to give up quite a bit to move Bickell. That would give them a chance to add either one really good piece for the playoffs or 2 decent pieces (one at forward and one at defence). I don’t think a 1st and Bickell for Parenteau is far fetched.

    • magesticRAGE

      they could get a lot more than just a late 1st for bickell. they would take off $4 million for the next 2 years… a 1st and good prospect or a young roster player (teuvo) + 2nd or 3rd round pick would be fair. they need that cap space badly and they’re in win now mode.

  • Parenteau won’t bring back more than a second, from any team.

    Chicago has no need for him, so forget Parenteau to Chicago for Bickell and anything.

    But taking on Bickell’s contract can only be handled by a few teams, Leafs top among them.

    SO I’d trade him for Chicago’s first, or for a top, top prospect (Hunter will figure out who should be targeted.)

    Great time of year fort those of us who have waited 48 years and don’t mind waiting a few more.

  • magesticRAGE

    Leaf management is truly mastering the art of taking players with bad contracts off the hands of team with the result being high draft picks. This new management has already gotten us 7 first and second round picks in the next two drafts with more to come.