Maple Leafs Recall Stuart Percy and Brendan Leipsic From the Marlies

With news that the Leafs had traded away two roster players this morning, it was inevitable that we would see the team recall a couple of players to fill out the lineup.

After a great weekend with the Marlies, Brendan Leipsic was called back up and will likely slot back into the lineup tomorrow to fill the void left by Nick Spaling. The young winger has been great during his two seasons in the AHL and looks to prove that he belongs in the lineup when the Leafs start the 2016-17 season. He plays with an energy level that should bring excitement to a team that has been hard to watch for most of the season. 

Along with Leipsic comes 22-year old Stuart Percy to fill the void on the blue line left by Roman Polak. Percy has had a bit of a rough season and will look to prove that he is still the player the organization thought he was when he broke camp with the NHL team last season. He is an RFA this season and this call-up looks to be an opportunity for Percy to show that he should be a part of the long-term plan.

With the likelihood of more trade before the deadline, don’t be surprised if Leipsic and Percy see a number of their Marlies teammates join them in the NHL over the next week.

It seems like it may just be a matter of time before we see super-prospect William Nylander strutting his stuff in the NHL as Lou hinted at a few weeks ago.

  • Benjamin

    I want to see Nylander with the Leafs so very badly.

    I hope they bring him up post-deadline and give him his 9 games. Then, if it’s better for his development, he sticks for the rest of the NHL season till the Marlies are in the playoffs.

    You might burn an ELC year but you do right by him and his development. Plus, more importantly, RFA control isn’t affected. And his next contract will be a bit cheaper when he’s negotiating with less games under his belt, even though it’s happening earlier.

    • Harte of a Lion

      Good point re: negotiating with less under his belt. Although that’s not a good reason to burn off a year of ELC on it’s own – it is a bonus if we happen to burn off an ELC over the next month and a half.

      If Willie develops to be a 60-70 point guy he’s going to get paid no matter what BUT if he’s negotiating with 2 full years vs 3 full years, we may be able to save something as simple as .5 MM/year which could go toward another guy.

      A decent silver lining.

  • Bombsbury

    Loving it…put Percy on the third pairing. I think he will be fine. He looked very steady with the Marlies this year, like a good NHL prospect. He has an under-rated mean streak, hacks and crosschecks, but smart while nobody is looking and rarely caught.

  • Bombsbury

    I like the way the D-corps is shaping up. Corrado definitely belongs. Marincin is serviceable, for now. I like Loov. Percy could fit in nicely for a handful of games. He looked great at the start of 2014-2015 season.

    On the other hand, you probably need him to be apart of a championship Marlies team.

    Keep the deals comin’ Lou.

  • Harte of a Lion

    It’s great to see some kids come up and fill in but the ultimate goal this year was for the Marlies to win the Calder Cup. Winning a championship breeds a bond between the players involved and creates a winning atmosphere to replace the stench of losing associated with the Leafs for the past decade.

    We all want to see Nylander, Brown, Kapinen et al, HOWEVER, this is not about getting these players a few games of NHL experience, or burning a year of their ELC, it’s about changing the entire culture of the organization.

    Therefore, it’s possible that all players aquired via trade or drafted by the past regimes such as Gardiner, Kadri and even JVR or Rielly could be traded but if they are, we can expect young NHL players or NHL ready prospects as a return for our top players.

    Trouba for Rielly? Gardiner for RNH? JVR for Zacha and Blackwood? Kadri and Reimer for Washington’s 1st, Bowey, Samsonov?

    These trades are by no means serious suggestions, I’m just showing that we have valuable pieces coveted by other teams and value for value trades are possible. This is a 100% tear down, burn it to the ground and build it properly.

    I understand that this will be very unpopular with everyone who reads this but I honestly believe Shanny, Lou and Mr. Babcock are all onboard.

    The Maple Leafs could end up with 4+ 2nd round picks this June and 4+ more in 2017. The second round is where the hidden gems are most often uncovered.

    I hope Rielly survives the carnage however I believe in Mr. Shanahan and the team he has assembled and I have no doubt that Babcock has tremendous input as to which players he has coached this year will remain going forward.

    PAIN IS COMING, LOL, well, it has begun in earnest. I don’t mind the losses as long as I see an effort and that’s what you get from a Babcock coached team.

    I also believe that some of our UFA players will be moved for older B prospects that can fill roster spots and hopefully impress enough to warrant another contract in 2016/17.

    Where is Sam Carrick when you need him? He looked good in his first games back with the Marlies… Perhaps after a few games conditioning he will be the next call-up?

    • Benjamin

      This is the kind of thinking that justifies a Dave Bolland. As if talented NHL players expire if they haven’t won a couple playoff games in the last X years.

      The AHL =/= the NHL. A Calder would be nice, but it’s an accessory to doing what’s best for the development of each individual prospect.

      And this is simply not the time to go scorched earth. If someone comes to you and blows your doors down for JVR/Kadri/Rielly/Gardiner then you do it, same as ever. But you need a few good, youngish NHL players that will actually shelter the rookies or this whole thing could sour.

  • Gary Empey

    The Maple Leaf organization must also make assessments on the future of the Marlies roster.
    We already have a lot of junior prospects who are ready to start their professional careers.

    The Leafs will have to decide who is ready for the NHL, who is slated for more development and which players there is no longer any room for.

    Next year we will have at least three junior defencemen that will be looking for a place to play. Travis Dermott, Stephen Desrocher, and Andrew Nielsen.

    I am not so sure of the junior forwards but it is likely some will also be looking for a spot on the Marlies.

    With all the draft picks the Leafs are acquiring it looks like another group will be just behind the present juniors.