TLN Postgame: It’s always Sunny to lose to Philadelphia

Tonight, the Leafs hosted the Philadelphia Flyers in a nine-goal, torrid affair.

Picking up one more point than management probably would’ve appreciated as they fell in 5-4 overtime, the Leafs continued the trend of a decent possession game met with an L on the scoresheet. 

The Rundown

To be honest, this was about as even a hockey game as there gets. After a quick opening goal by trade-bait Shawn Matthias just 1:29 into the game, the Leafs surrendered three straight to the Flyers from Sam Gagner, Jakub Voracek and Brayden Schenn. Brayden Schenn has 18 goals this season. Voracek and Gagner have 13 combined.

The Leafs answered the Flyers with three goals of their own in a row, coming from Nick Spaling, Peter Holland and Byron Froese to take a 4-3 lead.

In true Leafs fashion, they coughed it up with a Matt Read goal that sent the game into overtime.

Headline-grabber Shayne Gostisbehere decided to show up in overtime and score the winning goal, to extend his point streak to 15 games, unprecedented for a rookie blueliner.


Both teams even used two goalies! Not very well though.

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The Stats

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Ultimately, somewhat had to win this game. But it was even af, tbh. The puck luck and the hockey gods just turned in Philly’s favour. 

Blue Warrior

Colin Greening led the team in Corsi % at even strength when he’s considered by some teams as not an NHL-level talent. Perhaps he’ll find himself moved again before his contract with Toronto expires, and he’s been playing solidly enough to do so while in the blue and white.

Up next

The Leafs play the Ryan Johansen-led Predators on Tuesday night.

  • magesticRAGE

    Not a smart move picking up a single point as at least three other teams have picked up momentum in the tank race including the Canuckleheads who even lost to the A.H.L. leaf team last Saturday and have the dubious record of 4 straight 5 to 2 defeats.

    The leafs simply have to eat Bernier’s contract for next season. Reimer hot for quite awhile but showing once again he can’t produce for an entire season. Leafs have to seriously consider drafting a goalie in the second round.

    Keep the tanking a going leafs as the big day in May when the order of draft picks is decided is less than 3 months away and the big draft is only 4 months away.

      • TGT23

        He was having a good season. But, then he has sucked since coming back and his numbers are plummeting. His Save% has dropped 10-12 points. He’s a couple more bad games from falling below league average for the third consecutive season.

        He’s also shown, again, to have durability issues. He’ll never play a full season. 37 games is his highest to date. He’ll be lucky he gets to 40 before something falls off.

        Face it. He WAS having a good season. Not anymore. He’s same old Reimer. Average at best. And Bernier has suddenly become no better. Only one of them I have any faith can bounce back, but even my faith is drying up.

        • TGT23

          One guy is 15th in the league in save percentage, and top-10 in even strength save percentage.

          The other one is 43rd. Out of 44 eligible goaltenders. “No better” is a bit of a stretch.

          They’re playing behind the same tanking hockey team. I think it’s pretty obvious who has been better.

          Reimer has shown he can get the job done behind a not-obviously tanking hockey team, aka this team with JVR, Phaneuf, etc. healthy and in the lineup. This team is playing to lose. You might as well just cut off the stat analysis from end of January onward.

          • TGT23

            And we pretend the two years before didn’t happen, too?

            He can’t stay healthy. He never stays healthy. And that is a problem.

            You can’t say he is having a good season and then say nothing after January counts. The season is the season and he has struggled since returning from injury.

            Make excuses all you want, his numbers are plummeting.

    • TGT23

      Not that I disagree about drafting a goalie but even if you draft a goalie he’s likely 2-4 years away from being NHL ready.

      So, I don’t see the point in eating Bernier’s contract next year if you don’t have to. You can afford to wait on him another year and hope he gets some value back.

      Not like 2016-17 is “the year”.

      At very least you have to give him the start of the season, see if the summer helps him at all. If you can get something for him down the road rather than just dump him you 100% have to.

      Whatever goalie you draft or trade for to be “the Future” isn’t going to be ready next year I wouldn’t think. And if you already had one you wouldn’t need to draft one.

      Patience and asset management is key here. If Bernier fails another year all you are out is some cash. Just another contract that comes off the books after next season. Nothing lost. You lose more if he regains his form and you don’t get anything for him.

      • BarelyComments

        If you draft a goalie next year they’re more like 5-8 years away then 2-4 if they’re even good enough for the nhl.. Goalies don’t get established at 20 years old like players can.

    • TGT23

      how is consistently having the best goalie stats in the entire nhl a hot streak? a hot streak ends after a few months. reimer has consistently been excellent all year. he’s having a great year not a hot streak. he’s playing way better and the stats show it and so does his on ice play. he was great last night. made some huge saves in chicago and last night when the team was horrible.

  • Gary Empey

    I expect we will see one new goalie up from the Marlies next year. Babcock will start the best of the two. The leafs very well could draft a goalie. It is likely to be a mid round pick.

    I think I will go over and play the “NHL Lottery Simulator”

    The Leafs are starting in 2nd position. 13.5%

    Edmonton Oilers get 1st with Toronto having 25% chance of winning 2nd overall.

    Jets get second with Toronto having a 29.2% of winning 3rd.

    Toronto Maple Leafs won 3rd.

  • Gary Empey

    bernier on the on the other hand… horrible the entire year. stats and on ice play back that up. complete opposite of reimer. despite all of the chances, he’s been horrific and never deserved or earned the crease as he #1 but reimer continues to fight for it and deserves it. they need to take back a salary dump and maybe salvage a pick for bernier. I don’t see him being back with the leafs next year. he’s horrible. flames scouts were at the game and they need goaltending. last night was the worst time to sh*t the bed bernie… he played well vs ny and went back to his old ways last night. the leafs were playing bad last night and both goalies had a hard time to do well when they were so bad but reimer stepped up and bernier failed again. bernier didn’t make the big saves and reimer did. enough of this “bernier has the chance to get the crease back” from Babcock. his time in Toronto is over. it’s reimer’s crease until he’s traded, hurt or playing a back to back. he will never get the crease back and he doesn’t deserve it. reimer does. case closed.

    • Gary Empey

      What was up with that game winner?

      If we did that when I played as a kid the next hour practice would definitely be without pucks ….and with pukes instead 😉 lol

      This was not an All-Star game. That was painful to watch as a Leaf fan. Voracek was a work horse on that play. Very impressive.

      • jimithy

        Shabby coverage from Holland and then Kadri. For a first rounder, Holland was in way over his head. Funny that a lot of these first rounders never live up to expectations.