Marlies First To 40-Win Mark With Victory


Less than sixteen hours after wrapping up a come from behind victory against the Wilkes-Barre Scranton Penguins, the Toronto Marlies were back at it in a new venue, taking on the Portland Pirates at the Air Canada Centre. It was a hard fought sixty minutes, which culminated in a 3-1 victory which made the team the first in the AHL to hit the 40-win mark on the year.

The first period started off in an unusual fashion for the Marlies, as Portland heavily outshot them throughout the first half. Garret Sparks brushed away the Pirates’ advances, though, and the game remained scoreless after twenty.

At first, it didn’t seem like the second would be as forgiving. Just a minute and a half in, Brent Regner’s point shot escaped the crowd and slipped by Sparks to give the Panthers affiliates the lead. The Marlies kept clawing, though, eventually leading to an odd-man rushan odd-man rush. While Frederik Gauthier had Tobias Lindberg at his disposal, ”the Goat” easily beat Sam Brittain to tie the game. Less than two minutes later, the Marlies were back at it, with Rinat Valiev finding Brendan Leipsic for a Stamkos-like, knee drop one-timer to give Toronto the lead.

From there, the game never really escaped the hands of the Marlies, as they closed the shot gap while padding the score sheet. Midway through the third, Leipsic doubled up, this time going backhand on a breakaway to beat Brittain.

For many players, this was just another solid game on the books, but none were more excited to play it than Sam Carrick. This was Carrick’s first game back after suffering one of hockey’s weirder injuries, tripping over mat at the MTS Centre and missing 14 games. He was far from the night’s star; Leipsic and Sparks stole the show, but he did generate a few chances.

With this game behind them, the Marlies have a new week to look ahead to. Amazingly, their next game is an even earlier start, as the team kicks off their School Day series against the Binghamton Senators at 11:00 AM on Wednesday.
  • BarelyComments

    Quick question, am I correct in remembering that CHL players are allowed to join their AHL teams at the end of the CHL season, or is that only for players in their last year of CHL? Will the Marlies potentially get Marner for their playoff run? Note: looked it up and apparently the answer is yes.

    • Gary Empey

      I think it actually depends on how old they are. There is a minimum age to play. I am not sure what age that is. 19? or 20?

      Edit. Found this but it doesn’t address playoffs.

      What is the minimum age for an AHL player?

      Per AHL By-Laws, the age limit for eligibility to compete in the American Hockey League is 18 years or over, on or before September 15 of each season of competition.

      The ONLY time there is an age stipulation is if you are a player coming out of the CHL.

      I think Marner would be eligable when London is finished their season. Some other junior players could be as well if they have signed professional contracts.

      Mitch Marner
      Born May 5 1997 — Thornhill, ONT
      [18 yrs. ago]

      • BarelyComments

        Ya, as per the NHL/CHL agreement he can’t play with the Marlies instead of the Knights until he is 20 but if the Knights season is over and the Marlies are still in the playoffs he’s aloud to join them…

  • Gary Empey

    jeffler, word of advice. you don’t have to rush and be the first one to post a story or recap every time. spell check and correct facts are important in journalism. Portland panthers? take your time and do it right. you always have too many spelling and grammar mistakes. need to be more professional in your writing and get to the point. no rambling or long recaps that describes every little detail. let the writing speak for itself and stop writing a Harry Potter novel. it ddoesnt really apply to this recap but for all of your writing. seeing something way too long turns people off and makes then not want to read what you wrote. just trying to help.