Leo Komarov Suspended for Three Games

It seemed inevitable as soon as the hit occurred that we would be seeing a suspension for Leo Komarov, and now we know the length. Komarov will sit for three games putting him back in the lineup next Saturday against Montreal.

While Komarov playing with an edge is one of things that many people love about him, he’s probably lucky to escape with just three games here. As a first time offender he was likely receiving the benefit of the doubt.

There is also the small matter of the fact that the Leafs already have a very thin roster. With van Riemsdyk out, Matthias, Lupul, Michalek, Leivo, and Bozak out as well, with Grabner and Kadri nursing injuries, having the team’s leading score suspended for three games is the kind of thing that really makes it difficult to put up points.

Thankfully, most of us want to see the Leafs tank so this isn’t a big deal, but it does mean that we’ll probably see someone recalled from the Marlies in the next day or so, if one of the previously mentioned players haven’t healed yet.

Given that Jeremy Morin was recalled and didn’t get a chance to play last go around, I’d suspect he might get the opportunity or we could see the return of Brendan Leipsic after his strong debut.

  • silentbob

    the hockey gods are shining upon the toronto maple leafs this year! auston matthews is being gifted to us. all we need is some damn luck and he’s ours!

  • jimithy

    deserved. i know he’s a first time offender but i’m surprised it wasn’t at least 5 games. it was an intentional blindsided elbow to a guy who came back from a concussion 2 games ago. it was disgusting. side note: excellent for the tank. bad for his trade value.

    • jimithy

      let’s hope not. he’s ice cold. he only has 3 goals in his last 23 games… that’s horrible. hopefully teams don’t look at that and value his intangibles and hot streak to overpay for him!

  • silentbob

    So Komarov gets three for this hit. How many did Ovechkin get for runnin him from behind last year? In fact I’d argue the ovi hit was much worse being away from the puck and from behind. What’s the difference between the two hits? The big blue leaf on the front of Leo’s jersey.
    I didn’t even think Leo deserved a major at the time of the hit to be honest.