Loov Is In The Air (Canada Centre because he was recalled by the Leafs)

With Hunwick becoming the latest Leaf to join the IR (or at least the unhealthy scratched), the Leafs need to add a defenseman for tonight’s game against New York. It appears that all the need is Loov.

After a season and a half with the Marlies, the 2012 7th round draft pick will make his NHL debut tonight, likely taking up residence next to Martin Marincin on the third defensive pairing. We can probably expect the top four to be leaned on heavily tonight, but honestly I’ll be tuning in solely for the glimpse of a defenseman we’ve seen hyped at various points in his time with the organization.

Loov is primarily a physical defender, with tendencies to be more of the traditional stay at home defender, rather than a shot suppressor. Since he’s Swedish I feel the need to compare him to other recent Swedish Leafs defensemen, and put him ahead of Granberg and Frogren, but not on the level of Gunnarsson. Having Loov do spot NHL duty seems perfectly reasonable for him.

This season on the Marlies, Loov has recorded 1 goal, and 11 points in 48 games, 7 of those assists being secondary assists. That being said, no one is expecting offense from Loov, and he’s been part of team that has done an excellent job of keeping shots and goals to the minimum this year, so he deserves a reward.

With Percy and Harrington injured, Loov was the logical choice for a look out of the younger Leafs defensemen, and the fact that Brennan and Campbell were bypassed is either showing a commitment to seeing what the Leafs have in their youth or a worry about losing players to waivers so close to the trade deadline.

No matter what, it’s exciting to see someone play in their first NHL game, and hope Loov can make us want to see more of him.


  • SEER

    Strange thing is.., the past few months, Crocker and the other media boys have started to pronounce his name “Loove” again, for some reason..? Maybe we are all having too much fun with the “Love” pronunciation..? I know, I have been….. LOL!

    He might just be press-box sitting, but I hope they give him a game or two… Interested to see how he plays up here.. Congrats for the call-up, Victor..!

    Loov Hurts: Viktor Loov 2014-15 Highlights – TM

    –> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y4mMjWNOkJg


    ..ALL goals.. from the first 50 MARLIES games.. : )

    Hockey Gods Gifts: Toronto Marlies First 50 Games Highlights – 2015-16

    —> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q9c8kzU2xpw

  • Harte of a Lion

    I was certain last year, Victor told the media his name was pronounced Love, but has reversed that this year to Löov, whatever the pronunciation, I’m glad he is getting a look-see tonight.

  • magesticRAGE

    I actually though he had a better preseason than both Marincin and Harrington. He can skate better than both, more physically intimidating than both, and can hit like a truck. He takes hockey very seriously, but seems to be a good ‘room’ guy. I’ve been waiting for him to get a taste of NHL duty.

    New York is about to feel the Loov!
    (sorry, I had too)