Frank Corrado Threw Some Massive Shade at the Canucks Last Night

The Toronto Maple Leafs are a pretty bad hockey team. I mean, according to the standings, they’re actually the worst hockey team in the NHL. That means we’ve got to savour those wins when they come; they’re so few and far between.

And boy, did Frank Corrado savour last night’s win against his former team, the Vancouver Canucks.

Corrado didn’t do much. He didn’t score any goals or get any helpers. He did mix it up a little with Canucks tough guy Derek Dorsett, which might not be a very apt description if all he’s doing is picking fights with Corrado. Still, Corrado looked good last night and has looked good in most of the games he manages to get himself into. So, seriously, why not celebrate? And why not rub a little salt into the wound too?

Dear Lord, Frankie. That’s downright nasty. I mean, you’re not wrong. Henrik Sedin tried to fight Leo Komarov last night. Henrik Sedin. But still, better just leave it at that, bud. You’re now public enemy number one in Vancouver. Maybe chill just a little bit?


  • Friendly Neighbourhood Canucks fan

    I hated this move by the Canucks as soon as they made it. We actually decided that Weber and freakin Bartkowski were better options than a guy who played through injuries in the playoffs for us, a loyal soldier who did what he needed to do. And you guys saw how Weber and Bartkowski make your D core look like Team Canada. We need to fire our coach. It’s pretty bad.

    Thanks for letting me vent on your site.

    We are all Tank Nation!

    • Mostly agree, except the “fire the coach” part. Willie D is not the problem – absolutely zero defensive depth behind the top pairing is the problem, and that’s thanks to Benning’s bonehead moves, like losing Corrado to Toronto for exactly zero return.

    • Gary Empey

      I don’t pretend to know the correct way to use the expression ” throwing shade “, but doesn’t Corrado’s tweet on game day, Feb 14 of “Go Leafs Go!” imply an unsaid insult to Vancouver.

      • jimithy

        Hmm.. maybe? I’m no expert in the term, either! It’s 80s drag queen slang. I’d just prefer we leave the term in its original milieu and leave it out of hockey :P.

  • Jeremy Ian

    i know this is frankie corrados spot, but i want to know how matt frattin is still playing for the marlies, i think their are different agreements, just saying?

  • Gary Empey

    St John’s 3 – Marlies 1

    Andrew Campbell

    Antoine Bibeau G(L)

    Marlies 2 – St John’s 1

    2. TOR Findlay, (2) (Kapanen), 5:18

    3. TOR Findlay, (3) (Frattin, Brown), 3:17

    Sparks, Garret (W)

  • Gary Empey

    he shouldn’t have to chill. they waived him and never gave him a chance even though he’s a better option than anyone not named hamhuis and edler! their team is one step removed from being the leafs. i bet they wish they had frankie right now.

  • jimithy

    I think Burrows threw some massive shade on Corrado’s head or neck area in the second period. He did not deserve it, but maybe he needed it. To bring his game up a notch.