The Leafs have a plan…


  • Oilers G- Nations Poet Laureate

    It would drive the laff’s fan base and the eastern biased media crazy if they finished last and the Mighty Oil won the lottery. Oh the joy I would have if it unfolded as such.

    It would almost be worth missing the playoffs for the tenth year in a row.

    Go OIL Go

    • Jay (not J)

      Punchline (from a Leafs’ perspective) would be trading that pick to Ottawa for Dion Phaneuff. Don’t get me wrong, I would in the pitchfork mob at Kingsway if that happened, but it would be funny to do that to the Leafs and their self righteous indignant fans (the Eastern media are just Leafs fans with TV studios right?).

      • Ready to Win

        I don’t know about anyone else but I used to worry a lot about the Oilers trading for Phaneuff. When he got traded to the Sens I realized I hadn’t worried about him since PC arrived.

  • Oilers G- Nations Poet Laureate

    Might there be just the slightest hint of entitlement surrounding the Leaf fan base?

    They are so delusional they think they are still the centre of the hockey universe. The fact they have won absolutely nothing and haven’t been relevant in hockey terms since 1967,almost 50 years ago, has no bearing of course.

    This years draft lottery will potentially be very entertaining.

  • wiseguy

    I look at this as payback as the league screwed us from day one,on entering the NHL . All those years with no 1st overall picks and now, Hall ,RNH,,Yak andMcDavid.. Only problem was 5 cups without ever getting a First and now 4 firsts and no cups . Let’s hope the pattern changes soon .

    • Gary Empey

      The Judas Trade of Gretzky is responsible for the Oilers curse. How long will it be before Edmonton sells McDavid for thirty pieces of silver?

      This the reason everyone considers Edmonton bush league and rightly so.

  • Ready to Win

    How pathetic can it be for these young oiler fans who can’t remember the Oiler glory years to actually be estatic that for the umpteenth year they are in the running for the number one draft pick. The Oilers go on a 2 game win streak and then get the snot beatten out of them by a hopeless Montreal team and the Islandeers in a combined 13 to 2 total.

    Way to go Oilers you beat an A.H.L. team. You quite conceivably get the number one pick in 2016, 17, 18, 19, 20. Truly one of the greats of the game had it right as Chris Pronger simply got out of the frozen ice box with the mall with the dollar stores here there and everywhere.

    • FlareKnight

      True enough. Nothing would piss off other fanbases more than the Leafs winning the draft lotto and picking first. Not sure why, god knows they haven’t exactly had many first overall picks period.

      The Oilers would be close, but more fans hate the Leafs in general so they wouldn’t need much provocation.

  • silentbob

    Getting Lou was a wise move imo. I gave him kudos and even suggested way back when to seek him out. To make NJ a competing team year after year with limited resources was and is nothing short of brilliance.

    This being said, moving this outrageous contracts has been a feat in itself.

    Personally, I liked Raymond, Stajan, Franson, and McClement and was not pleased with their loss. These are sound support players imo.

    I am slowly becoming more upbeat about the future. Yet, I do believe the ACC should not be the home of the Leafs anymore. This place has been a curse to the Leafs imo. The atmosphere is lacking in there.