Leafs Postgame: Worst Team In League Beats Other Worst Team In League

mcdavidPerry Nelson-USA TODAY Sports

Perry Nelson-USA TODAY Sports

It’s an ongoing joke that Toronto-born hockey players always step up when they face off against their hometown team, except no Leafs fans were laughing when local kid Connor McDavid lit them up for five points tonight in a 5-2 Edmonton win. That is unless you already joined the Tank Nation ranks and were actively rooting for Toronto to finally take sole ownership over 30th place in the league. If that’s the case, then a big ol’ salute to you, soldier. Mission accomplished.

The Rundown

It really didn’t take all that long McDavid to impose his will on tonight’s game. Just over three minutes in, Toronto’s very own would take advantage of a risky Jake Gardiner pinch and a helpless Roman Polak, blowing by everyone for a clear breakaway and slipping the puck behind a sprawling Jonathan Bernier. 

After that, it was two assists on two Jordan Eberle goals, another goal for himself, and another assist on Jordan Eberle’s empty-netter-turned-hat-trick-goal just for good measure. McDavid was beastly. Not much more you can say about it.

Toronto had their moments… Well, ok… only two, really. Josh Leivo, before leaving the game with an upper-body injury, went top shelf for the second game in a row. Jake Gardiner also picked up a goal, bouncing the puck of a number of sticks and feet before popping past Cam Talbot.

The Numbers Game

When you look at the Corsi numbers, it doesn’t look like a half-bad game for Toronto. The Leafs may have looked like a better team early in the game, but there’s really not much more you can say about the McDavid line dominating whenever it was on the ice. According to Hockeystats.ca, Eberle’s Corsi For % was an incredible 87.88% while McDavid trailed shortly behind at 78.38% and Pouliot posted a 78.12%. 


Blue Warrior

Josh Leivo gets it tonight. Yes, he only saw action in the first period before being removed due to injury, but Leivo scored on a beautiful shot and was gone before the tide started turning and Edmonton started looking like an almost-capable hockey team. Sometimes it’s all about making the most of your very limited opportunities.

Hockey Night in Vancouver

The Leafs will look to rebound from that devastating (woo!) loss (tank!) on Saturday night against the Vancouver Canucks. Toronto will need to shore up their defence when they come up against another high 2015 draft pick in Jake Virtanen. Too bad the Leafs got stuck with AHLer William Nylander, amirite? Puck drop is at 7:00 pm Eastern, on CBC as per usual.

    • CMpuck

      What’s it like rebuilding for 10 years and being proud to beat a team filled with replacement players? Whoop!! You’re now only second last in the league 10 years later… You must be so proud

      • Gary Empey

        1967 last time you guys won the cup?
        I wasn’t even born then.

        But that’s not the point, as it is not the point how long the oilers rebuild is taking.
        The point is:


        Let it sit for a second



        Repeat 3 more times, that’s how epic this night was.

        And how is it the oilers fault that you dressed a replacement team? Shame on the leafs, the fans pay good money.,.. Classless organization.

        • CMpuck

          Shame on the leafs? They just started a rebuild, tearing it down. You guys have been rebuilding for 6 years and you still surround McDavid by Replacement level players.

          Shame on the oilers.

          • toprightcorner

            If you think the Leafs just started rebuilding than you are not one of the rare intelligent Leaf fans.

            Burke was brought in and announced a rebuild and he thought he could do it on the fly, oops that failed.

            Nonis was hired and he announced a rebuild by tearing it down and starting again

            Shannahan came in and said they have to start again and hired Lamoriello to start over, for the 3rd time in 10 years.

            Since the Lockout the Leafs and the Oilers have each only made the playoffs once, the Oilers went to the Finals and the Leafs lost in the 1st round.

            The Leafs are starting a new rebuild and find a new core while the Oilers are looking to add pieces as they already have a core

          • LeafGuyCarlo

            Are you Oilers fans really laughing at the Leafs? Its been what 25+ years without a cup? We all lost our bragging rights long long ago. As for Leafs missing playoffs like the Oilers for 10 years, we haven’t had like 7 top 3 picks in that span. Oilers been worst team in league basically every year for 10 years. Leafs we’ve been barely missing till last year and we still only managed a top4. McDavid will leave you guys like Gretzky did. Difference being he’ll leave you without any cups bc frankly you have the worst management team in the game

      • toprightcorner

        We may have been rebuilding for 10 years but so have the Leafs and they are going to start it all over again, yet you Leaf fans think everyone who was born in Ontario desperately wants to join your team and lose for the rest of their career.

      • toprightcorner

        Well at least when the Oilers came up for air during their decade of futility they went all the way to the finals. What did the Leafs do but steal defeat from the jaws of victory and crush what looked like a viable core of players? I would the Oilers last 10 years over the Leafs’ any time.

  • Oil City Roller

    McDavid was supposed to be yours. The golden boy, Toronto’s greatest son, the saviour of the stink fest that is the leafs. Instead he burnt you up like dry toast. The salt in the wound is so delicious I can barely stand it. The only thing better than watching the Laughs lose is watching it come at the hands of the prize they most cherished.

  • jimithy

    Wow, Babcock is the worst coach in the league now. How about that. But wait. When he gets some better players he’ll be all he’s supposed to be. Then someone else will be the worst coach. But anyway right now Babcock is the worst coach in the NHL, how about that. Wow.
    Good players make a coach look good.

  • Friendly Neighbourhood Canucks fan

    Wow. I am a oilers fan I actually don’t post at ON anymore because it’s brutal. Love heading to lowetide.ca, for real comments. For all the idiot oilers fans trying to rub this win in- are you guys serious? 10 years out of the playoffs and we still aren’t doing much better. My god.. Show some class.
    Usually head over to diff nations pages for post game write ups.. Might as well rub it in that we suck a little bit less than a team that is basically tanking at this point to get no.1. Go us

    • toprightcorner

      First time I ever posted on a non Oilers Nation site but was sick and tired of Toronto fans and media saying if they would have lost 1 more game they would have gotten McDavid and Stamkos is basically already a Leaf.

      The one thing the few Oilers fans posting on this site did do was make an effort to bump up their comment numbers.

      Currently ON has 119 comments on their Post Game.

  • Friendly Neighbourhood Canucks fan

    Wow how did that last oiler trip go in Montreal and then on to the big apple. Real good right Oiler fan, heh for your Valentine sweet heart there is a two for one sail of preparation H and acne cream. The H of course for you being a pain in the derriere and the cream for your 16 year old girl friend. Bottom line 80% of the posters in here being oiler groupies can’t remember the Oilers winning a cup.

    Face it Oiler fans you get first round pick after first round pick and you get out scored 13 to 3 by a hopeless Montreal team and the Islanders. Yeah you really are going in the right direction NOT.

    Chris Pronger and his wife truly had it right about Edmonton. They wisely GOT OUT.