Nazem Kadri to avoid suspension, will be fined for Throat Slash Gesture

Sometimes, a slap on the wrist is all a person needs. That’s what the NHL is gambling on today, as they’ve decided not to suspend Nazem Kadri for his throat-slash gesture earlier this week.

The gesture, which happened on Tuesday evening, was the peak of Kadri’s reaction to a heavy hit from Mark Giordano earlier this week. He was visibly irritated by the collision, shaking his head in frustration, slamming the Leafs’ bench door, before pointing at Giordano, gesturing at him, and screaming what appeared to be “you’re f***ing dead/done”.

The two played the rest of the game without incident. Kadri was not a part of yesterday’s practice ahead of tonight’s game against the Edmonton Oilers, but it’s not known whether that had a direct relationship to what had transpired.

Personally, I think a fine was a fitting decision by the league given the circumstances. I’m a little bit more easy going than most as far as self-expression goes, and a generic threat of violence like a throat slash isn’t particularly offensive to anybody. 

If anything, the only real consequence to it comes to the player who does it, as he gains heavy watch from the threatened players teammates, and has video evidence showing premeditation against him if he does cross the line. At the same time, the league has taken action against players for similar in the past, so they may have found it difficult to step totally away from the precedent.

Puck drop for tonight’s game is at 9:00 PM. Kadri is likely to play, going head to head against Connor McDavid.

  • LeafGuyCarlo

    You’re crazy if you think the expression isn’t a big deal. If my young son were watching the game and he somehow thought that was cool to do, or somehow okay, I would think twice about ever letting him watch it again.
    It’s all about image for the NHL. It’s a fast and naturally violent game but there should be no room for that kind of crap.

      • What’s your point, that’s two guys agreeing to square off, also not something that I really want my son thinking is okay, but it’s not the same thing as suggesting that you’re going to slice someone’s neck open with a knife. The fighting seems a little more civilized and explainable to me.

        • Jeremy Ian

          Really? You think the gesture was literal? That Kadri was really going to skate out there with a dagger? Really?

          That fighting is more civilized?

          wow. You must do a lot of explaining….

    • CMpuck

      I used to do that gesture in house league when I was a kid after seeing clips from the Summit Series, it was all in good fun.

      My best friends and myself would head hunt each other in any game when on different teams. That’s what made the game fun, I pity what kind of hockey you impose of your child.

    • silentbob

      Reality is we don’t live in kid friendly world, and until the day your son dies he is going to live in a world and be exposed to things you’d rather he not be. If you have a problem with him possibly being exposed to people fighting, threatening each other, swearing etc… then live sporting events probably aren’t something you should be showing him in the first place.

      And if he does see something like this, that’s where parenting comes in. Its YOUR job as a his father to educate him about why such things aren’t cool and ok.

  • elseldo

    Explaining the gesture must have been much easier to explain than the night Parros went down face first into the ice.

    That’s some quality entertainment there.

  • jimithy

    Kadri acts tough on the bench huddled up close to his teammates for support. Later, guess what he did when he had the chance to exact his revenge. Nothing. He never fights when he should and always falls down and lies on the ice when he shouldn’t. That’s Kadri for ya.