The Steve Dangle Podcast – Feb 9, 2016 – Dion

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On this episode, the guys talk about the huge Dion Phaneuf trade and a bunch of other stuff, including Kanye West.

  • jimithy

    I love it when you guys have no idea why you’re doing what you’re doing. It’s sort of funny but somehow not very entertaining because it isn’t. Anyway, the Leafs when you really get down to it are really bad, worse than ever. Funny how these experts and professional executives abuse their own motto’s, just to be apart of a failure and live the dream in default.

  • silentbob

    Why kind of voodoo did Burke do on Leaf fans?

    You guys talked about how Ferguson screwed the team up, and how bad/damaging Nonis’s time was GM was. But the damage that Burke did gets glossed over. WTF!?!?!?

    He actively made their draft position worse in 08 when he picked up Gerber on waivers and refused to blow the team up (he bragged about turning down 4 1st round picks!!!!). He made horrible UFA signings – Komisarek, Beauchemin, Gustavsson, Orr etc… Gave up Stralman, & Tlusty for nothing. Brought in 1 good players (Kessel, Phaneuf) and mis-cast them as great ones (giving up the picks that would become Seguin and Hamilton in the process). And that was in less then 12 months!

    What kind of Voodoo magic did he pull that so many Leaf fans skip over his horrible time as GM focus on Ferguson and Nonis OR even call his time a success?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!