TLN Postgame: Reimer chased, Bozak injured, tank on track in five-goal loss

Going down three goals in the first period is usually never a good call in order to win a game.A pair of similar goals on 2-on-1s and a knuckleball chased James Reimer out of the net in the first period, and things didn’t get much better from there.

Once it was all over, the score sat at 6-1 in favour of the Senators.

The Rundown

Perhaps the most important news for Leafs fans was that Tyler Bozak left the game after taking a hit to the head in the second period and did not return. Otherwise, this was a very ugly game to watch.

Ottawa scored the game’s first six goals, starting just 19 seconds into the game. Senators captain Erik Karlsson had four assists on the night. If you haven’t heard, he’s shaping up to be quite the player. The Leafs looked lost and disinterested for much of the night. Ottawa now sits tied with Montreal, with 54 points through 53 games.

The Stats

Toronto didn’t actually play too horribly offensively, but couldn’t put anything into the net. A pair of early defensive mistakes really set the Leafs back in their chances of winning – or even competing in this game. 


Blue Warrior

Our token Newfoundlander and Ottawa resident Ryan Fancey had the interesting experience of taking in the game with family, so the Blue Warrior award goes to him.

When asked for comment, he said, “Damn, it’s painful.”  

In terms of Leafs players, PA Parenteau scored the lone goal which may have marginally increased his trade value. 

What’s up next?

The Leafs head to Western Canada for a roadie that starts Tuesday night against the Calgary Flames. Another TLN staff member will be in attendance Thursday night against the Oilers in a regrettable decision by Jon Steitzer. No word yet if Jeff Veillette makes an appearance in Vancouver next Saturday.

  • MatsSundin#13

    pitiful game for this team. the goalies aren’t to blame at all. both let in 3 each but every goal was due to brain dead defensive problems. babcock must be foaming at the mouth at this joke of a game. pitiful effort, disgusting game. garbage defence from everyone. no jvr, no bozak, who’s next? #allinforauston

  • jimithy

    The pain has indeed intensified as the leafs floundered tonight. But a loss is a win as the club was getting too close to several other teams. A nice two out of three defeats out west would come in handy.

    Bottom line management will soon be unloading and thus the squad will deteriorate further. But this is all good as most leaf fans knew the real prize this season is that high draft pick for June. The club must finish in the bottom four to secure a high draft pick. The lottery ball will decide who gets numero uno.

    Take these defeats with a grain of salt or preferably a fine bottle of cabernet sauvignon.

    Just remember the slogan LOSING IS WINNING.

      • Gary Empey

        Gary great line, I will tell you this I think the crowds will be as crazy as boxing day on draft day as the Leafs get a very, very, very solid prospect to help rebuild this club once and for all.

  • jimithy

    This is ridiculous. The Leafs are really representing. And their classless groupie fans are making them look even sillier. If only they had the balls to be so loud and unruly at the ACC.

  • jimithy

    Re-Gary Empey Do you think the crowds will be anything like Boxing Day at Future Shop?

    Don’t know about you Gary but I am going to camp out at ACC so I can get some pictures of the crowd before they get inside LMAO

    • Gary Empey

      Re- “I am going to camp out at ACC so I can get some pictures of the crowd before they get inside”

      Great idea Bill. Send them to Jeffler.

      Please be careful. Don’t get caught in the Stampede. The Leaf selloff could be worse than Black Friday at Walmart.

  • jimithy

    what’s49years I can’t afford that cabernet stuff but I did take it with a couple of bottles of rot gut.I’ve got that taste of tin cans in my mouth at 2am I just know I am going to pay for it in the morning.

  • jimithy

    I don’t know if Adam Laskaris could have posted a better picture for this article lol Even the Sen’s bench looks bewildered at what was taking place on the ice.

  • jimithy

    Last night was a reminder of how much I am looking forward to seeing playoff hockey in Toronto this season. The leafs are interesting to watch this season without a lot of hope invested in results. Im itching for a trade. But the marlies are worth watching and their games are cheap and not sold out. I couldn’t be happier with my leafs right now.

  • jimithy

    Is there any possible way we fans can convince the powers to be to can healey,kipper and jorge stromo.

    ps the rebuild will continue for 3 more seasons,then babs bolts.