The TLN Weekly Report Card: Feb. 5, 2016


Hey TLNers, and welcome to a new weekly special we’ll be sending your way every Friday from here on out. It’s the brand new TLN Report Card! 

Here’s the scoop. You will get to give a big thumbs up or big thumbs down to every player on the Toronto Maple Leafs roster. Yes! You! You get the power to judge professional athletes on their job performance! With just one click! Think of how good that will feel! And, as a community, we’ll let the entire world know just how much we adore Mo Rielly, and how little we think of… Oh, I don’t know… Roman Polak?

So, what do you think? Who do you like? Who do you not? Who impressed you this week? Who stunk? Who do you want to get a fat contract extension? Who would you like to throw into an active volcano?


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  • BarelyComments

    How can JVR be so split? Before the injury he was having be far his best season as a Leaf without Kessel… He was our biggest goal scoring threat and committed to play proper defence at the same time, have you seen some of those backchecks from JVR this season, dude can skate?

      • Gary Empey

        I don’t know about viscousness so much as realistic. It is supposed to be a weekly report card and since JVR hasn’t done anything in the last week how can he get a passing grade? If it were a on an up to this point in the season report card then he would get a passing grade easily.

      • BarelyComments

        Justin I wouldn’t be surprised to see some people suggest that J.V.R. has been as invisible as Phil the Thrill Kessel was in the second half of last season.

    • Gary Empey

      It looks to me that because he is injured, some folks weren’t sure how to vote.

      You could consider this a major flaw in the program or simply accept that fact some stupid, ignorant, inbred, uneducated, people feel JVR had a bad week.

  • Gary Empey

    I like the Weekly Report Card.

    It is nice to know the staff are always working hard on ways to keep Leaf Nation the top site in the world, for Leaf fans.

    In the future I can see the possibility of other types of Report Cards in the making. eg. Marlies, 2016 draft, Leafs Junior Prospects.

    While the results of this one today are very predictable(including my own picks) it’s interesting to know how the rest of the fans feel.

    Giving a thumbs up to the Weekly Report Card.

  • Harte of a Lion

    Leivo needs an opportunity to succeed. I understand Babcock wants to increase Mathias’s perceived trade value but Leivo has top six upside and will not score much playing with Froese and Clune.

  • Gary Empey

    I think you may be wrong there. Mathias played 9:26 in the last game. Leivo was not dressed or even listed as a scratch on the NHL site? I don’t believe Babcock gives a fiddler’s fcuk about anyone’s perceived trade value. He is focused on his best chance to win the game and lets Lou took after the trading game.

    Like you, I loved what I seen from Leivo on the Marlies. I thought he looked good around the net as well. What I don’t remember is seeing him doing much in our own end.

    I think what you are seeing is something we, and the Marlies, better get used to. Babcock’s system is not that easy to master overnight.