WWYDW: Them Threads

Last night the Leafs made another step in turning the page on the last few years of garbage by unveiling their new logo – a throwback to their old winning days, and an attempt at making players proud again to throw on the jersey. 

The jersey styles that will accompany the new logo obviously aren’t finalized yet, but we can guess they’ll be pretty standard fare, at least for the home and away threads. But there’s still an opportunity for the team to create a third jersey, and with speculation that they’ll host an outdoor game at BMO field next January, last night’s big reveal probably won’t be the last of the year. 

Here at TLN we’ve had some internal discussions about how the Leafs can take our money by pushing out a nice alternate jersey, and they can again heavily lean on history like they did last night. I’m a Toronto Arenas guy, myself.

There’s also an opportunity to come up with something completely different and new, but recent attempts by other teams to go down that path have been…uhh…interesting. See below.

The Situation

Brendan Shanahan has come to you and asked for your input on the design of a new third jersey. The canvas is blank and you can tap into the old days or promote a Comic Sans “BUDS” across the chest. It’s totally up to you. 

Here are a few of the jerseys from yesteryear, along with some new mock-ups I found through a simple Google Image search. What approach do you think think the Leafs should take if they’re going to release an alternate jersey?

Maybe a new spin on these?

And my personal favourite:


Or perhaps something completely new (via Icethetics.co):



What about something like the thirds these teams came up with? (Barf)



Or something simpler and not as gross…


You’re armed with all the good and the bad of jerseys gone by, along with some nice jump-off points for new ideas. How should the Leafs’ alternate jersey look?