This is the Toronto Maple Leafs’ New Logo (and the Marlies’ new logo, too)



There it is, and it looks damn good. We’ve been following the ‘New Maple Leafs Logo’ beat for a week now, discussing early rumours and concepts as well as looking at all Leafs logos past and present (and ranking them). Now we finally get to see it.

As we thought, the new logo is a modern take on the 1938 leaf. That said, there are some small differences. For instance, the text is much nicer and properly centred. Also, the old Leaf was had 35-points, while the new one only has 31. One point was removed from each of the bottom and middle ‘branches’ while the tall, middle branch remains unchanged.

According to the Leafs, the 31 points is a nod to the year 1931 and the opening of Maple Leaf Gardens. Also, the new leaf has a total of 17 veins, representing the inaugural Leafs season in 1917. Lastly, there are thirteen veins at the top of the leaf, which represents 13 Stanley Cup victories.

The new jersey in its entirety will be revealed at the 2016 NHL Draft in Buffalo, New York. 

If that’s not enough for you, in a bit of a surprise announcement the Toronto Marlies have also rebranded and received a new logo. Here are the two new logos side-by-side, from @mirtle.



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And hey… if you were wondering…