In honour of the Toronto Maple Leafs finding their way to the bottom of the NHL standings, we are very proud to announce a rebranding of The Leafs Nation and officially endorsing the tank. You can now visit us at No, seriously. It works.

(I mean, it’ll just bring you back to our regular site, but still.)

With a road loss to Florida, along with Buffalo and Columbus wins elsewhere, Toronto has dropped into a three-way tie for last place in the league. It’s fitting that the Leafs share the spot with the perennially awful Edmonton Oilers. One assumes that our sister site Oilers Nation will not be rebranding, as they’ve been following that sad-sack franchise for years and I’m not aware of them ever changing anything in the past. They won’t even change allegiances. Idiots. As for the other basement-dwelling franchise, the Columbus Blue Jackets, well… let’s just hope that John Tortorella can turn them around.


So, as mentioned, we as a writing staff are now fully committed to the tanking effort of the Leafs. I have to admit, I was a little worried there when Babcock had this team playing like a bubble team several weeks ago, but we’re now back to losing against hockey franchises based in Florida, so things couldn’t really get much worse. Now, we’ll humbly accept victories as they come, but we’ll also graciously accept defeat as we inch closer to the 2016 Draft Lottery and top pick Auston Matthews. 

Hell, even if it’s not Matthews, the Leafs will still be in a position to draft another excellent, blue chip prospect to play alongside William Nylander and Mitch Marner and all the other wonderful youngsters already in the system. Can I interest you in a Jesse Puljujarvi or a Patrick Laine? Matt Tkachuk? Jakob Chychrun? Olli Juolevi? I’ll accept any of them with open arms.

Ok, but really, fingers cross for this beauty…

Lastly, for those of you brave and bold enough to pledge your allegiance to Tank Nation but unsure who to cheer for in place of Toronto, let’s not forget that the Leafs hold onto the Pittsburgh Penguins’ first-round pick this year. And believe me, they’ll need all of the help they can get – the Pens currently hold down the final Wild Card spot in the East.

Thanks everyone, and welcome to The Tank Nation!

  • CMpuck

    Tanks for a great article Justin. The tanking is in full force as the count down is now 145 days to one of the young possible future stars you mentioned will be pulling on a leaf jersey.

    Who cares about the rest of the season, just lose baby, and sink, sink, sink, tank, tank, tank to the deepest depth possible. If I want wins I’ll just watch the Raptors or the boys of summer who will report to the python and alligator infested swamp of Florida in less than three weeks.

  • I have taken a few jabs at leaves fans here, but in all honesty let’s hope you guys start becoming a real team soon. We need more of our Canadian teams making playoffs regularly.

    The draft seems to be fairly deep with some pretty good quality players in first 2 rounds. Top end players taking up 10 or so spots. 18 or so decent defenseman in first 2 rounds. Look forward to having a stronger T.O. Team in the coming years.

    Keep an eye on Finn defender Niemelainen, think he will be a good one.

  • Gary Empey

    If we are now officially the worst team in the NHL, this gives us a 20% chance of winning the lottery for 1st overall pick. If we do win the lottery, we will only have to find 19 more players to build a team around Matthews. That should be the easy part.

    If we miss the lottery then we can tank again next year. Nolan Patrick, C/RW, Brandon Wheat Kings (WHL) is the early favourite to go first overall in 2017.

    • silentbob

      This kind of comment just shows a complete lack of understanding of how a team is built.

      No one thinks/says/wants to drafting 19 players first overall to build a winner; if you don’t get the first overall pick that its a “waisted year” or anything like that.

  • CMpuck

    So a river flush draw for a lottery pick and they’re going to run it three times? I’ve been in for two years and counting, this finally fun.

    Pittsburgh hold the final Wildcard position? Let’s hope this freeze frame is mirrored at the end of the season. Finally this organization might turn the page.